This has been a while ride on America’s Got Talent Season 8 and it all comes to an end next week, but we have to find out first which of the Top 12 on AGT 2013 would make the finale, so who went home on America’s Got Talent 2013 last night? Find out the AGT 2013 results below in our America’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

Let’s get right to the point and these are the six acts that moved on to the finale on America’s Got Talent 2013 last night:

  • Kenichi Ebina
  • Cami Bradley
  • Taylor Williamson
  • Forte
  • Jimmy Rose
  • Collins Key

Six acts moved on and six acts went home and those acts going home are:

  • Chicago Boyz
  • Innovative Force
  • KriStef Brothers
  • Branden James
  • D’Angelo & Amanda
  • Catapult Entertainment

So, I have very mixed feeling with these results on AGT 2013. I am so happy that Taylor Williamson made it through and will probably be the one I am rooting for to win it all. I am so upset that both the Chicago Boyz and KriStef Brothers went home! How could America not like them and not vote for them???

I am glad to see Catapult Entertainment to go home, seeming I think they were overhyped too much. I think Collins Key has the ability to wow us next week and I hope he improves on his magic tricks and gives us a real winner next week. I would be happy with him winning as well, but I’ll check out his performance first on America’s Got Talent 2013!

What do you think of the America’s Got Talent 2013 results last night?

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