After weeks of auditions and Hollywood Week, we finally found our who made the Top 13 on American Idol Season 13 last night and how American voted, so who went home on American Idol 2014 last night? Find out the Top 13 on American Idol 2014 below in our American Idol 2014 spoilers!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers Results - Top 20

Last night on American Idol Season 13Ryan Seacrest came out with some quick results, which surprised me! We normally have to drag it out, but they got right into it last night. We first found out what ten contestants America voted through to the Top 13 on American Idol 2014. Here are the first ten singers safe last night:

  • Malaya Watson
  • Ben Briley
  • Emily Piriz
  • Alex Preston
  • Jessica Meuse
  • Dexter Roberts
  • Caleb Johnson
  • Majesty Rose
  • MK Nobilette
  • Sam Woolf

The American Idol judges 2014 then went on and picked five of the remaining singers to sing for their life. After those performances, the judges deliberated and three of the would get a wild card spot and fill the final three chairs in the Top 13. The three singers picked as wild cards and rounding out the Top 13 are:

  • Jena Irene
  • C.J. Harris
  • Kristen O’Connor

With that being said, the seven contestants eliminated last night on American Idol 2014 were:

  • Briana Oakley
  • Marrialle Sellars
  • Emmanuel Zidor
  • George Lovett
  • Malcolm Allen
  • Spencer Lloyd
  • Bria Anai

I find it very shocking, as Marrialle has been a standout to the judges all season long and I thought for sure she would make it. I am also surprised to see Briana not in the Top 13, but I am glad to see Spencer go home. He was a pretty face, but his song choices were not great when it mattered most.

What do you think of the results on American Idol Season 13 last night?

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