As much as I am not a fan of most of the acts on The X Factor USA Season 3, I still like to think I know who some of the favorites are of America and the fans of the show, but the results on The X Factor 2013 shocked me last night, so who was voted off The X Factor USA 2013 last night? Check out the Top 6 results on The X Factor Season 3 last night below in our The X Factor USA 2013 spoilers!

The X Factor USA 2013 Spoilers - Top 6 Results

Last night on The X Factor 2013 Season 3Mario Lopez announced the first eliminated singer right away, which is nothing unusual. Mind you, this is the act that received the least number of votes and was going home. That act was Ellona Santiago from the Girls Category! How is that even possible??? If you look at the YouTube videos on The X Factor page, she always has one the top views every week. She was only behind Alex & Sierra in views for this week! I know that does not turn into votes, but that popularity should turn into votes, right???

For the sing-off, it was Carlito Olivero from the Boys against Rion Paige from the Girls. Both have been here before, so nothing new for them. I think Rion picked the better song, but the judges wanted to see more of Carlito and they sent home Rion Paige!

This means that both of Demi Lovato’s girls were eliminated last night and I think it shows greatly on her. I think she was a great judge last season, but has been annoying this season and thinking she is the greatest up on that panel. She hushed Simon Cowell last night and told him to let her finish. I, seriously, think that people annoyed by her turned into people not voting for her girls and them both going home last night!

What do you think of the results on The X Factor USA 2013 last night?

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