We wrapped up the Voice Playoffs last night on The Voice Season 7 and it was time for the Top 12 on The Voice USA Season 7 to be announced after eight artists were sent home, so who was voted off The Voice USA 2014 last night? Find out those Top 20 results on The Voice 2014 last night below in our The Voice USA 2014 spoilers!

The Voice - Season 7

Last night on The Voice Season 7, we had a pretty full night, which consisted of all the teams taking the stage and performing together and then the results were given for each team. America’s votes would save two of the artists. Of the remaining three artists, their coach was able to save one more of them.

Based on that, here are your Top 12 on The Voice 2014 Season 7:

  • Reagan James – Team Blake (America’s Save)
  • Craig Wayne Boyd – Team Blake (America’s Save)
  • Jessie Pitts – Team Blake (Blake’s Save)
  • Luke Wade – Team Pharrell (America’s Save)
  • DaNica Shirey – Team Pharrell (America’s Save)
  • Sugar Joans – Team Pharrell (Pharrell’s Save)
  • Taylor John Williams – Team Gwen (America’s Save)
  • Anita Antoinette – Team Gwen (America’s Save)
  • Ryan Sill – Team Gwen (Gwen’s Save)
  • Damien – Team Adam (America’s Save)
  • Matt McAndrew – Team Adam (America’s Save)
  • Chris Jamison – Team Adam (Adam’s Save)

And here are the eight artists that were eliminated on The Voice USA 2014 last night:

  • Taylor Brashears – Team Blake
  • James David Carter – Team Blake
  • Elyjuh Rene – Team Pharrell
  • Jean Kelley – Team Pharrell
  • Ricky Manning – Team Gwen
  • Bryana Salaz – Team Gwen
  • Taylor Phelan – Team Adam
  • Mia Pfirrman – Team Adam

What do you think of the results on The Voice USA 2014 last night?

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