When you are down and out, you do whatever you can to stay on Survivor Season 33 and that is definitely what Jay and Taylor did last night on Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016, but they didn’t seem to fully think through what they were doing, so who was voted off Survivor 2016 Season 33 last night? Find out the Week 9 results on Survivor Season 33 last night below in our Survivor 2016 Season 33 spoilers!


Last night on Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016, we saw Jay and Taylor try to work things out so that they weren’t on the bottom of everyone’s list. Sunday seemed to be the only one to bite, as she wants Jessica gone and wants to work with Jay. However, who is Sunday???

We saw Ken win immunity and then it was Jay and Taylor making plans. Earlier in the night, Taylor did tell Jay about Adam having the advantage that allowed him to steal the reward from someone at any time. Then the two of them went to Taylor’s hidden stash of food and enjoyed that before Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, Taylor proceeded to out himself for stealing the food and it was bad, but I told you all about it, so we are good now, right? Not so fast! He then told them that Adam helped him steal it and hide (not true) and Jay said he ate the food too, which Adam denied it all. I love that Jeff Probst called them out and that they thought by telling what they did that they would get a pat on their back and a trophy and it would make up for stealing food away from starving people!

Taylor even outed Adam and his secret advantage that he had, but that did not scare anyone! They all stuck to their original plan and it was Taylor voted off and I say good riddance. He was easy on the eyes, but he was a complete airhead and was a disappointment this season!


What do you think of the results on Survivor 2016 last night?

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