These castaways on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 are really starting to tick me off and the editors are making it even worse, as who knows what is going to happen when the Tribal Council begins, so who was voted off Survivor 2015 Season 30 last night? Find out the Week 7 results on Survivor Season 30 last night below in our Survivor 2015 Season 30 spoilers!

Survivor 2015 Spoilers - Week 7 Preview 2

Last night on Survivor World Apart 2015, the focus for a while seemed to be on the Hidden Immunity Idol that was now back into play after Jenn used it last week. Joe won the Reward Challenge, so Mike figured he’d get a clue there. He was right, but Tyler saw him get the clue and it was on. Mike was hounding Joe and not letting him search for it, but then he announced to everyone that Joe found it (when he really didn’t). Mike proceeded to search for it all day and eventually found it! Why was no one else out there searching with him???

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We saw Joe win another Immunity Challenge (YAY), so the Blue Collars talked and it seemed like they went between voting off Shirin and then Hali, so they could vote out a No Collar and that would cause them to crumble. The girls (Hali, Jenn, Shirin and Sierra) began to talk and wanted Dan out for being such a misogynist. Tyler seemed to like this plan, but they went to Tribal Council and the Blue Collars voted together (Sierra included) and Carolyn and Tyler joined them to take out Hali, so Dan survived the scare. The Blue Collars sure seem to hate each other, but they go to Tribal Council and all vote together….why?

Hali Ford - No Collar

Hali Ford – No Collar

What do you think of the results on Survivor 2015 last night?

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