Were you busy last night and missed our The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers recap and now you want to find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 last night? The night got very interesting during the final cocktail party before the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor Season 17. Did Sean Lowe finally see the true colors of Tierra LiCausi on The Bachelor 2013? Find out who went home on The Bachelor 2013 right here!


Sean Lowe and The Bachelor 2013 women headed out to Montana for the week and we got to see a one-on-one date with Lindsay, which led to Sean giving her a rose. Then it was a group date that brought out the claws from the ladies, as Sean included everyone in the evening date even though four of the girls won the day challenge and the chance to spend the night with Sean.

Next there was a two-on-one date, which leads to one girl going home and one girl getting the rose. Tierra and Jackie were picked for the date and even though I was hoping, Sean sent Jackie home and gave the rose to Tierra. Then the drama started at the cocktail party and Sean overheard Tierra arguing with Robyn, which led him to start questioning some of the other women. Despite the gears working in his mind, he still kept Tierra around and sent Robyn home. I guess he thought she was causing the drama in the house?

What do you think of this elimination on The Bachelor 2013? It airs again tonight, so come back and watch with me!


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