It was an adventurous, but quick night on The Amazing Race Season 25 last night, as the teams made their way to Sicily and it was a foot race for most of the leg and everyone was in the same area most of the time, but who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 last night? Find out the Week 7 results on Amazing Race 2014 last night below in our The Amazing Race 2014 spoilers!

The Amazing Race 2014 Season 25 Spoilers - Week 7 Preview 10

Last night on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams left Morocco and headed to Italy for the next leg of the race, which happened to be the 300th leg in Amazing Race history! Jim & Misti and Kym & Alli got a flight that put them in Sicily 40 minutes before the other teams. Because of that, they seemed to be working on the same challenges at the same time all night long. Then it was a battle between the other four teams to keep up and not fall behind.

It was very cool to see the teams riding the go karts through the mountains and I would have loved doing that! In the end, it came down to Bethany & Adam and Tim & Te Jay as the final two teams working on the Detour before the Pit Stop. This had me so scared, as I enjoy both of them and wanted neither of them to go home.

My worries were for nothing, as they all arrived in front of Phil Keoghan and Tim & Te Jay were the last team for this leg, but it was a non-elimination leg of the race and they were safe! They will have to do a Speed Bump in the next leg to make up for it, but at least they are still in the competition!!!

What did you think of the results on The Amazing Race 2014 last night?

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