It was Unconventional Challenge time last night on Project Runway Season 11, which is always fun, and we got to see Bette Midler as a guest judge on Project Runway 2013, but who was eliminated on Project Runway Season 11 last night? Keep reading to find out, but the team challenges are making to be quite an interesting twist to this season and I am kind of liking. How do you feel about Project Runway Teams?

Project Runway Season 11 Cast

The teams were switched up a little last night on Project Runway Season 11, seeming that Dream Team could not win a challenge and lost the first three. They took Stanley and Layana from Team Keeping It Real, but then Team Keeping It Real picked Michelle to join their team.

A little switch up helped, as Dream Team won their first challenge, which left Joseph and Amanda in the bottom two for Team Keeping It Real. Despite the fact that everyone on her team threw her under the bus and thought she was the weakest link, the judges saved Amanda and sent Joseph home.

He was quite a character and a little awkward, but then he had funny moments and I didn’t mind him. I think he had his own style, but a style that was not a good fit for Project Runway 2013. What do you think?

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