Betrayals were talked about by the Survivor Season 38 castaways tonight, like those have never been part of the game, but would it factor into the votes tonight on Survivor 2019 and who got voted off Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 tonight? Find out the Week 3 results below in our Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 spoilers!

Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Week 3 Results

I am interested to see how this all plays out with the Edge of Extinction. We found out Keith’s decision from last week and now we have another castaway that had a decision to make tonight also. Will Edge of Extinction start piling up or are these people going to eliminate themselves? Get the full details over in our Live Recap, or just scroll down to find out who went home on Survivor Season 38 tonight!


Don’t want to know who went home on Survivor Season 38 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!










The castaway that got eliminated tonight on Survivor 2019 is Chris Underwood!

We found out that Keith grabbed the torch, so now it is him and Reem on the island.

For tonight, the Manu Tribe got their first challenge win of the season, as the won the Reward Challenge. However, they lost the Immunity Challenge again and headed back to Tribal Council! While the target started as Wendy, it seemed to shift to either Kelley (they wanted to blindside here) or Chris (he approached Wardog about the Kelley blindside and Wardog didn’t like it, so Chris became a new target). After a heated Tribal Council, they voted off Chris tonight!

Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Season 38 Cast - Chris Underwood

Chris Underwood

He got to the Edge of Extinction twist and no thinking needed here. He picks up that torch and heads to the boat, as he will be making his way to the Edge of Extinction with Keith and Reem!

What do you think of the results on Survivor 2019 tonight?

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