The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 saw the celebrities make their way from NYC to Florida last night, as they took on a task of creating a 3-D photo experience for their guests, Donald Trump saw a clear winner among the two teams but who got fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 last night? It wasn’t exciting as you would think on The Apprentice 2013!

Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Cast

The project managers for the task were Omarosa for Team Power and Dee Snider for Plan B. Omarosa as project manager gave us just about as much drama as you would expect, but it was a very low-key boardroom for Celebrity Apprentice 2013.

When it came down to it, Team Power was the clear winner of the task because their photo booth was more creative and fun and Plan B created a very simple booth.

That meant that Dee had to bring two people back with him to the boardroom and he chose Stephen Baldwin because he felt like he couldn’t trust him and Gary Busey because he has the lowest skill set of anyone on his team. Dee knew he was getting fired and only brought the two guys with him so no one else would get fired. He took the blame for the loss as project manager and the concept of the booth and Trump agreed and Dee Snider was fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 last night.

Do you agree with the decision by Trump?

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