The chefs on Top Chef Season 12 were cooking for Boston’s finest tonight on Top Chef 2014 and the pressure was high and it caused some tension among the teams, but who got eliminated on Top Chef Boston 2014 tonight? Find out the Week 2 results on Top Chef Boston tonight below in our Top Chef Boston 2014 spoilers!

Top Chef - Season 12

It is still a new season and we are still trying to get a feel for all the chefs and which ones are standing out. Of course, we have our early favorites but that could definitely change as the season progresses. We are loving the Boston vibe and I am wanting to make a visit there. Anyone else? Get the full details over in our Live Recap, otherwise scroll down for the results on Top Chef Season 12 tonight!


Don’t want to know who went home on Top Chef Season 12 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!










The chef who was eliminated on Top Chef 2014 tonight is Joy Crump!!!

So, the chefs were put into teams tonight and had to cook for the firefighters and police of Boston. There was big time tension between Keriann and Aaron on the Green Team, but Stacy made a perfect chicken and saved them. Joy was quiet on the Yellow Team and did not voice her opinion and when the meat was undercooked, it made them the lowest team and the judges sent her home!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef Season 12 tonight?

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