The final four chefs on Top Chef New Orleans 2014 made their way out of New Orleans and to Hawaii to finish up their journey this season and two of them would continue on to the final challenge and two of them would be sent home, so who got eliminated on Top Chef 2014 Season 11 last night? Find out the Week 16 results on Top Chef Season 11 last night below in our Top Chef 2014 spoilers!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last night on Top Chef 2014 Season 11, we started the night finding out the winner of Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen. The final challenge on Last Chance Kitchen featured a battle between Carlos and Louis. It ended up being Louis winning his eighth battle in a row and making it back into the competition!

He took on Nina, Shirley and Nick for the Elimination Challenge, which had the chefs creating dishes made from canoe crops. There were not many to choose from, so we had similar dishes made and dishes to compare to each other. All the chefs created dishes that impressed the judges on Top Chef 2014, but only two of them could move on.

The judges thought Hawaii was good for Nick and he seemed more confident and his dish showed it, which led to him winning the challenge and moving on to the finale. Joining him was Nina, which means that Shirley and Louis were eliminated and sent home from beautiful Hawaii! It was a tough decision and it literally could have went either way.

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Top Chef Season 11 last night?

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