Top Chef New Orleans 2014 ended with some major drama last night on Bravo, but it was drama that was not needed and was uncalled for, especially so late in the game, but who got eliminated on Top Chef 2014 Season 11 last night? Keep reading to find out the Week 13 results on Top Chef Season 11 last night below in our Top Chef 2014 spoilers!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last night on Top Chef 2014 New Orleansthe six remaining chefs were put to the test of recreating Jacques Pepin’s favorite dish, after watching him make it. They had 35 minutes to replicate it and Nick ended up doing the best job and won immunity for the Elimination Challenge.

The Elimination Challenge consisted of the six remaining chefs being divided into two teams of three and battling it out with French and Spanish dishes. The French Team, consisting of Nick, Shirley and Stephanie, made the least favorite dishes of the night and were on the losing end of things.

At the Judges’ Table, Nick was solely to blame for the team’s loss. His dishes were not good, even though both Shirley and Stephanie had minor things wrong with both their dishes. This led to the judges asking Nick if he would give up his immunity and resign since he was the reason the team lost. As any smart person would do, he kept the immunity and Stephanie was sent home!

She now heads to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to take on Louis, who has won five competitions in a row in hopes of winning a spot back in the Top Chef 2014 finale!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Top Chef Season 11 last night?

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