With only seven chefs remaining on Top Chef New Orleans 2014, the pressure is getting more and more intense every week for these chefs to earn a spot in the Top Chef Season 11 finale, so who got eliminated on Top Chef 2014 Season 11 last night? Find out those Week 12 results on Top Chef 2014 below in our Top Chef 2014 spoilers!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last night on Top Chef Season 11, the chefs were first put to the task of creating a local favorite in New Orleans, etouffee, for the Quickfire Challenge. In a normal result, Shirley was crowned the winner of the challenge and won immunity for the night. She has been a beast in these challenges and is rising up the charts of a possible winner, especially since Nina has been slipping in those same challenges.

For the Elimination Challenge on Top Chef 2014, the chefs were put to the test of creating dishes that highlighted two different types of seafood. The chefs all created dishes with their own flare and twists to it in order to show themselves off as chefs. We had some drama between Nick and Carlos, but the boys worked it out and everything is fine, but Nick is still pissed about it all.

For the dish, Carrie made flounder fritters, which consisted of her cooking the fish and then shredding it up into fritters. This did not highlight the fish at all, which was enough for the judges to send her home! She headed to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to take on Louis, who has won four in a row since taking down Janine, a multiple winner herself!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Top Chef Season 11 last night?

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