It was all about emotions and cooking from the heart last night on Top Chef New Orleans 2013, which had the chefs making a dish that reminded them of home, but it was not good news for all the chefs, so who got eliminated on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 last night? Find out the Week 10 results on Top Chef 2013 below in our Top Chef 2013 spoilers!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last night on Top Chef 2013 New Orleansthe chefs were put to the task of creating a dish that reminded them of home. This seems like an easy task, to me, since they probably all grew up with dishes and then have made them thousands of times since. Because of that, it seems like the chefs would have an easy time creating the dishes and coming up with what to make.

That did seem like the case, as the judges didn’t have many complaints with the dishes. All of them had something positive about their dishes and the judges had to nitpick about things because of that. The judges loved the flavors in Travis’ dish, but then his biscuit was not done properly. That biscuit was his downfall and he was eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 last night!

However, he heads to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to take on Louis, who is on a little winning streak himself after taking down Janine a couple weeks ago. Travis looked determined when he got in the kitchen, so that would be a good one to watch!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Top Chef Season 11 last night?

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