The Final Four on Top Chef 2013 Season 10 made their way to Alaska last night and are getting closer and closer to the Top Chef Seattle finale, but who got eliminated on Top Chef 2013 last night? The cheftestants had to create a dish with some of the favorites in Alaska: salmon and sourdough. The locals love it, so the pressure was on for these Top Chef Season contestants and someone had to go home, but who went home on Top Chef Seattle last night?

Top Chef - Season 10

While three of the chefs all made soup for the Elimination Challenge, Lizzie went a different route and made sliders with the salmon, but did it work out?

The Top Chef judges loved all the dishes, but felt Lizzie, Sheldon and Josh all had some kind of issue with their dishes. In the end, Lizzie made a dish that wasn’t inventive or creative this far into the competition and the judges sent her home.

What do you think of the chef who got eliminated on Top Chef 2013 last night?

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