We got to see the beginning of the newest round on The X Factor USA Season 3 called the Four Chair Challenge and Mario Lopez has been hyping it up over the past week or so and it did not disappoint and we saw our first singers head home on The X Factor 2013, so who got eliminated on The X Factor USA 2013 last night? Find out in our The X Factor USA 2013 spoilers below!

The X Factor USA 2013 Spoilers - Four Chair Challenge

For those that missed it last night on The X Factor Season 3, how this Four Chair Challenge works is each category has four chairs available and the four singers sitting in them after all ten acts perform in their category will move on to the live shows! No one is safe until all ten acts perform, which makes for some intense action in that studio!

We started we Kelly Rowland and the Over 25s Category on The X Factor USA 2013. Of course, the first four singers all made it into a chair, but then the fun began! Who would be replaced and who would be sent home? Kelly had some great performances and some hard decisions to make, but the four acts moving on to the live shows with her are:

  • Lillie McCloud
  • Jeff Gutt
  • Rachel Potter
  • James Kenney

With that being said, that means the singers eliminated on The X Factor USA Season 3 last night were:

  • Lorie Moore
  • Victoria Carriger
  • Jeff Brinkman
  • Allison Davis
  • Kristine Mirelle
  • Denny Smith

What do you think of the decisions by Kelly Rowland last night on The X Factor 2013 Season 3?

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