The Amazing Race 22 left us wondering what would happen next last week, but those questions were answered last night on The Amazing Race 2013 and we saw Dave and Connor continue their journey on the race, but who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 22 last night? The answer might surprise you, but make you very happy at the same time!

Amazing Race 22 Cast

Not only did Dave and Connor continue along on the longest leg in Amazing Race history, but they hobbled along on crutches and took home another first place finish and this time took home $5,000 each!

The funny part about who was eliminated was that Jessica and John won the first leg of The Amazing Race Season 22 and won an Express Pass for themselves and to give another team. They made an agreement to give it to the team that finished second among the five teams that got on the first flight. Well, when the leg was done and Jessica and John won it and Dave and Connor finished second among those five teams, Jessica and John decided to hold off on giving it to them and let other teams try and get it…shady business.

Well, they ended up giving it to Dave and Connor, only after Dave hurt himself and they felt bad for them. Dave and Connor have gone on to win the next two legs of the race and Jessica and John found themselves in last place last night on The Amazing Race 22 and when checking in with Phil Keoghan they were eliminated from The Amazing Race 2013!

To be the big shot he thinks he is, John said they didn’t need the money and they lost with respect, but Phil said they were the only team in Amazing Race history to be eliminated while having an Express Pass they never used! John tried to act like the did the right thing, but you could tell Jessica wanted to punch him for being so stupid!

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