The Amazing Race 22 is always known for throwing those little twists in at the end of the episode to throw off the viewers and they did it again last night on The Amazing Race 2013, but who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 22 last night? The is one to figure out, so check out our The Amazing Race Season 22 spoilers below!

Amazing Race 22 Cast

It was a bizarre episode last night on The Amazing Race 22 and left many of us, yet again, wondering what is going to happen with Dave and Connor?

Here is the deal: Dave did definitely tear his Achilles tendon on the last episode and was given some crutches and a boot to make it through this leg of the race. The received the Express Pass from John and Jessica like they promised, but only because Dave is gimpy now.

Dave and Connor fell behind on the Detour and felt compelled to use the Express Pass already. They ended up finishing first on this leg of the race and won a trip to Bangkok. The twist: the leg continues and they were given a new clue from The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan and asked if Dave felt like he could continue on The Amazing Race 2013?

He said he felt like he needed some recovery time, but never answered and dun dun dun…To Be Continued comes on the screen! No one was eliminated on The Amazing Race 22 and we find out next week if Dave decides to continue or not, which sucks because they have finished in the Top 3 on every challenge this season!

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