The cards had been dealt on Big Brother 17 and it seemed like an obvious choice for the HG when they went in front of Julie Chen to vote on Big Brother last night, so who got eliminated on Big Brother 2015 last night? Find out the Week 4 results on Big Brother 17 last night below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 - Week 4 Results

Last night on Big Brother 17, it came down to John McGuire and Audrey Middleton on the block. Audrey was the backdoor option after an eventful weekend in the Big Brother 2015 house. She determined this and seemed to shut down from everything for the week, which was briefly touched upon last night. We moved on and we saw an interview with Audrey’s family, which was nice to see.

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From there, it was time for the vote and pretty much we all knew how it was going to go. Audrey was a Have-Not this week and decided to eat regular food, so she received one penalty vote. The HGs all voted and it was a 10-1 vote (Austin voted and said he agreed with the house, but his alter ego Judas was voting to evict John). So, he threw in a hinky vote and plans on blaming Steve for it.

Audrey had a terrible and childish week, but she went out with some integrity and her interview with Julie reminded me of the Audrey that I liked at the beginning of the season and thought could go on to win the whole thing!

What do you think of the results on Big Brother 17 last night?

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