Things are winding down on The Amazing Race Season 23 and we only had five teams remaining heading into the show last night, but after a trip to Indonesia that led to another team going home, so who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 last night? Check out the Week 9 results on The Amazing Race Season 23 last night below in our The Amazing Race 2013 spoilers!

Amazing Race Season 23 Cast

Last night on The Amazing Race 23, the teams headed out of Abu Dhabi and made their way to Indonesia. There was only one way of getting there the fastest, so all the teams loaded on the same plane and we had an even playing field for all the teams. This was a good thing for Ally & Ashley, as the Ice Queens have found themselves at the back of the pack for a while now and this gave them new hope.

It worked, at first, as the girls got out to an early lead and were hoping to continue it throughout this leg of the race. However, they do not know how to read the clues properly and didn’t have the Afghanimals (Leo & Jamal) there to read it for them, so they screwed up. They had to feed elephants, so they went to the zoo. Well, they needed to go to the market first to get the food to feed them!

This led to two separate trips from the market to the zoo to get all the food, so this put them behind and it was too much to make up. They went from first (at one point) to last on this leg and Ally & Ashley were sent home on The Amazing Race 2013 last night!

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