We have all seen The Bachelor 2013 previews and have heard the spoilers, but on tonight’s The Bachelor Sean Lowe someone is injured during a group date that features The Bachelor 2013 women doing some roller derby. So, who gets injured tonight on The Bachelor Season 17?

If you don’t want to know The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers, then I suggest you stop reading from this point on and just wait for our The Bachelor 2013 Recao tonight!

For those of you still reading, thanks! So, who takes the spill tonight? That would be none other than one of the girls we love to hate this season: Amanda. She seems to have a split personality and it bitchy with the girls and then super nice with Sean. Well, maybe karma is a bitch because she biffs it during the group date and hurts her jaw, but is it broken? Will a trip to the hospital be in the works for Amanda on The Bachelor 2013?

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