Here we are on lucky episode 7 on Top Chef Seattle and the competition is starting t heat up for the remaining chefs on Top Chef Season 10. Tonight things are going to get real tense as the chefs will take on an aluminum foil challenge in the Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef 2012 and then in the Elimination Challenge, the chefs are put in head-to-head battles, which could get ugly! Who doesn’t love food and who doesn’t love watching people cook it? Come check out Top Chef Seattle!

Danyele was told last week that she looks like she is nervous and isn’t confident when she is in the kitchen, so she is hoping to leave all that behind her this week on Top Chef Season 10! Josh said he doesn’t think he will cooking pork any time soon, which is probably a good thing for him right now!

The chefs head to the kitchen to meet Padma Lakshmi, who happens to be standing with Stephanie Izard, the Season 4 winner of Top Chef. She is the only woman to win Top Chef, which all the ladies in the competition are hoping changes this season! For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs can cook anything they want and can use anything they want to use in the pantry, but everything is wrapped in aluminum foil! Whatever ingredient they unwrap they must use! They also will use the aluminum foil as a cooking vessel. They have 30 minutes and the winner will have immunity on the Elimination Challenge.

The chefs heads to the pantry and Micah said all you can do is hope for the best, unless you have Superman powers and can see through the aluminum foil. John gets a pineapple and Kristen is making a cake, which Danyele said is the ballsiest thing to do. Bart is loving the challenge and the Reynolds Wrap. Sheldon picks up scallops, which he only knows how to cook seared, which is not possible with no pans available. There is aluminum foil everywhere in that kitchen and the chefs are all racing around. Kristen takes her cake out and she is happy with it and time runs out.

Padma and Stephanie start going around to taste what the chefs have cooked. Padma tells Micah his lamb looks quite rare. Stephanie tells John that she likes the pineapple and the beef together. Padma tells Brooke the raw onion is killer. Stephanie tells Kristen the texture on the cake is nice. Stephanie tells Bart the fish is cooked beautifully.

After tasting all the dishes, the least favorite dishes are from Brooke, Micah and Josh, The standout dishes are pretty much from everyone else. Stephanie said she could eat Danyele’s soup on a cold Chicago day and she loved Sheldon and Kristen’s dishes. The winner of the Quickfire Challenge tonight on Top Chef Season 10, so she gets immunity in the next challenge!

For the Elimination Challenge, Padma said it is time to get their competitive juices flowing. They will be cooking berries the next day in head-to-head battle. They will cook dishes dishes highlighting a berry against another chef for 150 festival goers. In order to be safe from elimination, you must win your head-to-head. Since Kristen won immunity, she will be cooking alone, but still has a chance to win.

The Top 5 from the Quickfire Challenge (besides Kristen) are up first and they are Bart, Josie, Stefan, Danyele and Sheldon. They get to pick their opponent from the five who did the worst. Sheldon picks Micah, Danyele picks Josh, Stefan picks John, Josie picks Lizzie, so Bart gets paired against Brooke. The guests at the festival will pick who wins the head-to-head battle. The winner of the challenge gets $10,000.

The chefs get their berries and head out to do some shopping for their supplies. Since Kristen is not competing against anyone, she has more time to focus on her dish. Sheldon is buying all the fresh tuna, so Stefan buys some frozen tuna and John gives him crap for it and they start talking trash to each other back at the hotel.

The morning arrives and the chefs head out to Remlinger Farms to get things started. They have three hours to prepare, so everyone is going insane. There is not much room in the kitchen, so everyone is fighting for room. They get their fresh berries delivered. Bart and John start fighting over a blender and John won’t let Bart use the blender he has and not using at the moment. Josie and Lizzie have raspberries, Sheldon and Micah have strawberries, Josh and Danyele have blueberries, Kristen has tayberries, Brooke and Bart have blackberries and John and Stefan have gooseberries.

The chefs start going to their booths to prep for the guests on Top Chef Seattle. Tom Colicchio arrives and goes around to check on the chefs. John throws Stefan under the bus and tells Tom that Stefan is using frozen fish, which seems to be a theme as the show goes on. We are seeing a lot of information on Micah tonight, so do you think he is going home tonight?

The guest start arriving and they start eating all the food. Meanwhile, Padma, Tom, Stephanie and Gail Simmons arrive to start the judging. Danyele made Chicken Pine Nut Terrine with Blueberry Mostarda versus Josh, who made Savory Goat Cheese Mousse with Blueberry Compote. For Danyele, Tom said her terrine is rubbery. For Josh, Gail said it was very balanced.

Josie made Rock N’ Raspberry Roll, which included Sockeye Salmon, Dungeness Crab and Raspberry Aioli versus Lizzie, who made Raspberry Steamed Cabbage Roll with Heritage Pork and Bacon Stuffing. Besides the fact that the judges thought Josie was high, the guests seem to think she is moving too slow. For Lizzie, Padma said she loves her raspberry pork. For Josie, Gail said she loved how she used the raspberry in so many ways, but it lacked the flavor. At the booths, Josie has a huge line and Lizzie is empty, but only because Josie can’t serve the food fast enough.

Sheldon made Ahi Summer Roll, which included Ahi Poke, Strawberries and Sweet Chili Sauce versus Micah, who made Strawberry Fried Chicken with Strawberry and Bacon Biscuit. For Micah, they said it is like strawberry shortcake, but Tom said the biscuit was a little dense. For Sheldon, Gail said he did a great job of highlighting the strawberry.

John made White Gazpacho with Spanish Chorizo, Gooseberries and Sweet Grapes versus Stefan, who made Cali Crudo with Radishes, Gooseberries and Spiced Vinaigrette. For Stefan, Tom said a little less salt and a little more gooseberry, but overall a great dish. For John, Stephanie said the chorizo overpowered the rest of the dish and Padma said he had two dishes going on in the same cup.

Brooke made Spicy Smoked Chocolate Pudding with Blackberry Tapioca versus Bart, who made Blackberry Soup with Salmon and Rhubarb Yogurt. For Bart, Tom said the soup is good, but the salmon is as bland as it gets. For Brooke, Gail said she did a really good job and the dessert was really smart.

On Top Chef Season 10, Kristen made Matcha Goat Milk Custard with Macerated Tayberries. Tom said he liked it and Stephanie said her tayberries macerated in oil was her favorite thing of the day. The guests go around and vote and John and Stefan are trash talking each other.

Time for the Judges’ Table on Top Chef 2012 and Stefan and John start going at it again in the holding room. Padma comes in and they would like to see John, Josie, Bart, Micah and Danyele. The guests voted and these five chefs lost their head-to-head battle. Tom said they agreed with how the guests voted. They tell Josie she turned a light dish into a heavy dish. Micah screwed up on the biscuit. Bart shouldn’t have added the salmon. Danyele goes half-way with her concept and they want her to go all the way. The chorizo was John’s problem.

The remaining six chefs head in to find out who the winner of the Elimination Challenge is tonight. Tom said they did a great job putting together their dishes. The winner of the $10,000 is Kristen, so a double win tonight for her and she can go to Korea to find her family.

The judges discuss, yet again, the lowest five dishes on Top Chef Seattle. The five lowest chefs head back in to find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Seattle tonight. The chef going home is Danyele. They loved the idea, but it never came together for her. Do you agree with the judges’ decision tonight?

Stefan and Josie then get into it, as Stefan starts running his mouth yet again! Danyele heads to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen, where she will try to dethrone CJ as the champion so far and get another chance to enter the Top Chef kitchen!

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