The chefs are back on Top Chef Seattle and in honor of Thanksgiving this week, Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse will be putting on their chef coats and leading their teams in a Thanksgiving showdown! The teams will compete in a Thanksgiving cook-off on Top Chef Season 10 and in the end, we will see another chef leave us. Check out my Top Chef Seattle recap and find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Season 10.

The chefs head into the Top Chef Kitchen to meet Padma Lakshmi for the Quickfire Challenge tonight and the guest judge for the challenge is Dana Cowin, Editor-In-Chief at Food & Wine Magazine. For this challenge, there is a map in the kitchen and there are 17 different dumplings from 17 different countries. They have an hour to create an international dumpling. The pantry is stocked with Kindle Fires to research the dumplings, but they only have five minutes with the tablets. The time starts and the chefs rush to the board to grab a type of dumpling.

Carla can’t figure out the tablet and is walking blind to make Fufu from Africa. Josie is making Mandu from Korea. She said it is about putting love into a purse and eating it. Brooke needs flour and is freaking out because she will have a dumpling without a wrap. Carla is freaking out because she has no idea what she is doing. The time is running out on Top Chef Season 10 and the chefs are plating and Kuniko gets nothing on the plate!

Judging begins on Top Chef Seattle and Stefan made Klopse from Germany with Ground Lamb, Mashed Potatoes and Capers. Dana said it would be a good dish at a day of harvest. Lizzie made Szilvas Gomboc from Hungary with Plum and Cinnamon Filling in a Potato Pastry. The judging continues and nothing big said to any of the chefs. Sheldon is a Food & Wine Best New Chef, so Dana was excited to meet him and that could come to an advantage for him.

Time to find out who won the Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef Seattle. Dana Cowin said Brooke’s dumpling needed a wrapper, Carla’s dumpling came to Africa via Italy and Kuniko is ineligible because she didn’t plate it in time. Dana liked Josie, Stefan and Micah. She said the winning dumpling had authentic flavor and it left them wanting to eat more and the winner is Josie, so she has immunity this week.

For the Elimination Challenge this week on Top Chef Season 10 and they will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner! They will work in two teams to cook dinners and will be guided by Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse. Tom has the Red Team and Emeril has the Gray Team. The winning team is safe this week and one chef from the losing team will be headed home.

Chef Emeril said that he is in New Orleans, so he is inspired by New Orleans. Josie said she has immunity, so she can take on the turkey. They all go over their menus and then it is time to start cooking. Chef Tom is allowing his team to use their own ideas while working within his menu. It is a team challenge, but they are all responsible for creating their own dish. It is all good fun in the kitchen, as Chef Tom and Chef Emeril keep giving jabs to each other.

CJ decides to oversee the Red Team, since he wants to ensure a victory. The day ends and they all think it will be an interesting day tomorrow on Top Chef Seattle.

It is time for the day of serving the food and the chefs head into the kitchen. They have five hours to prepare the meal. Chef Tom has an Italian style dinner and Chef Emeril has the Louisiana styler dinner. Stefan and John start at it right away as they fight for space in the kitchen. The chefs seem to be working well together for now, but I think that is about to change. Tyler has struggled with alcohol the past 25 years and has now been sober for seven months and thinks that he is in a good place now to win Top Chef Season 10.

Josie’s turkey is not looking like she wants it to and she is worried about the other team, who are pulling out a beautiful turkey. Emeril and Tom come in and they are liking what they see so far and Emeril said he is seeing some spice from the Gray Team! Stefan and CJ taste the soup that Carla is making and she pops off on them. She is a strong chef and doesn’t need to be babied and don’t call her honey or sweetie any more…this woman is nuts!

Time for service and Emeril’s Gray Team is up first. The judges this week are Dana Cowin, Megan Karch, Executive Director at FareStart, Chef Thierry Rautureau, Padma, Emeril and Tom. Josie made the Triple Spice Turkey with Cayenne and Hot Sauce. Dana said good flavor on the outside, but the inside was practically raw. Danyele made Emeril’s Mom Dressing or Bread Stuffing with Chorizo and Cayenne. Thierry said it was really, really good. John made Emeril’s Cornbread Stuffing with Ground Turkey and Diced Bacon. Emeril said he nailed it. Kristen made Assiette of Root Vegetables, Parsnip Truffle Puree and Creme Fraiche. Tom said they didn’t need the Creme Fraiche and they were fine on their own. Tyler made Andouille and Shrimp Gumbo. Emeril said it is bitter on the end. Kuniko made Potato Pave. Dana said it was raw. Sheldon made Braised Greens with Ham Hoc. Tom said the flavor is great, but it needs to be cooked more. Brooke made Sweet Potato Buttermilk Biscuits. Dana said the biscuit is so sweet and tender. Chrissy made White Chocolate and Pecan Bread Pudding. Thierry said that is good, warm break pudding. John made Spiced Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Ricotta Torte. Megan said she is a pumpkin pie person, but she preferred the bread pudding. Dana said there is good balance on the plate.

For Tom’s Red Team, CJ made Braised Turkey with Tom’s Stuffing. Thierry said it is fantastic. Carla made Carrot Soup with Turkey Meatballs. Dana said the meatballs are perfect with the creamy soup. Bart made Fennel, Gorgonzola, Orange and Pumpkin Seed Salad. Padma said the salad could have used a little bit more refinement. Josh made Sweet Potato Ravioli with Pecans. Emeril said the weakest thing on the plate would be Josh’s ravioli and the dough is tough. Micah made Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries, Bacon and Shallots. Dana said they are not seasoned and a little greasy. Lizzie made Potato Puree. Dana said she did a fantastic job. Stefan made Panna Cotta with Orange Cardamom Crisp and Candied Pecans. Padma said the Cardamon is too strong. Eliza made Chocolate Tart with White Chocolate and Mint Syrup. Emeril said the first bite is delicious and the second bite it starts to get a little hot. Tom said overall the desserts are a letdown.

The judges discuss and since Tom and Emeril were so involved, they will stay out of deciding which team wins. It is a unanimous decision anyways and Tom’s Red Team is the winner tonight on Top Chef Season 10. For the losing Gray Team, Dana mentions Tyler because the gumbo was so bad. Emeril said Sheldon’s greens were not cooked enough. Kuniko’s Potato Pave was raw and Josie’s turkey was undercooked, but she has immunity and is safe tonight no matter what.

Time for the Judges’ Table on Top Chef Seattle. The Red Team is the winner and the judges want to talk to CJ, Carla and Lizzie. They all had great dishes, but the winning dish this week is Carla. The judges ask to see Tyler, Kuniko, Sheldon and Josie from the losing team. Josie tries to defend Kuniko and she helped throughout the kitchen, but Padma said they can only judge on the potatoes and they were not seasoned and undercooked.

Time to find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Seattle. Josie would be going home because of the raw turkey, but she has immunity and is safe. Kuniko screwed up too much on the potatoes and she is packing her knives.

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