It was a flashback last week on Top Chef Seattle, as the cheftestants combined forces to recreate a menu from the 1950’s. It was a struggle for some of the chefs, but it gets harder tonight on Top Chef Season 10, as they take on some rare ingredients to impress the judges. Two chefs left us last week, but what should we expect this week on Top Chef 2012? Come back for my Top Chef Seattle live recap and we can find out together who was eliminated on Top Chef Season 10!

We saw Kristen struggle last week, not with her dishes, but with the fact that she was given two side dishes to make on the recreation of the ’50s menu. That didn’t seem to bother the judges, as she was named the winner of the Elimination Challenge! That was a big boost of confidence for her. Carla has been very outspoken in this short amount of season we have seen so far on Top Chef Seattle, but her loud mouth was put to a close as she was eliminated last week, but could always come back for the finale thanks to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen.

Tonight could get interesting. The chefs head down to Pike Place Market for the Quickfire Challenge. This place is known as the “Soul of Seattle” and it will surely test the soul of the some of the chefs. Then in the Elimination Challenge, the chefs will have to highlight some of the rarest ingredients at Pike Place. They for sure will be in a pickle, but things get crazy when judge Tom Colicchio surprises the chefs with an unexpected Judges’ Table! Come watch it all with me for my Top Chef Seattle live recap tonight!

Josh is starting to second guess himself after doing well in the Quickfire Challenges, but then being in the bottom last week. Tyler says he needs to do the best he can because tomorrow he could be gone, since both Chrissy and Carla were on top one minute and gone now.

It is 3:45 am the next day and everyone is up and at ’em to start a very early Quickfire Challenge. Today is Stefan’s 40th birthday and he is feeling worried because when he first appeared on Top Chef everyone who celebrated a birthday during the season went home on their birthday, so he doesn’t want the birthday curse!

The chefs head out to Pike Place Market to meet Padma Lakshmi and guest judge Daisley Gordon. This is the place that Eliza’s husband actually proposed to her, so she has good feelings in Pike Place. For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs must divide themselves into teams of two. Josie thinks her and Eliza will have an issue with different styles. The market vendors usually start their day before sun up and they don’t usually get to eat a nice breakfast, so the chefs will be cooking them breakfast-to-go…on a stick! They have one hour to set-up their kitchen and cook before the vendors show up. The winning team is safe from elimination tonight on Top Chef Season 10.

Danyele and Lizzie go to the pantry and everything is out, so they are going to try and make a European breakfast. Brooke and Stefan are partners and know each other from their real lives. The chefs are running back and forth fighting for cooking utensils and ingredients and things are getting rough. Micah and Kristen are partners and feel good being both of the youngest chefs here. Josh and John are partners and Josh comes up with a breakfast taco and John feels good about leaving it in the hands of Josh on the breakfast challenge. CJ and Tyler are together and CJ comes up with salmon on a stick. The panini press dies on Sheldon and Micah as the time is running out, so they hope the heat remains long enough to cook their final sandwiches.

The market workers come in and start trying all the breakfast foods the chefs have prepared on Top Chef Seattle. Padma and Daisley start going around to taste what they have come up with. Padma tells Josh and John the flavor is very good. Daisley tells Josie and Eliza it has that dessert and breakfast combo. Padma is amazed at how well it stayed together for CJ and Tyler.

The judges are complete and Daisley said that Danyele and Lizzie didn’t produce much for an hour and he didn’t care for Josie and Eliza’s pancakes and it was hard to eat. He said Sheldon and Bart’s sandwich was well-executed. Josh and John was a good rip on the mini tacos. The winner of the Quickfire Challenge is Sheldon and Bart, so they are both have immunity tonight for the Elimination Challenge!

For the Elimination Challenge on Top Chef 2012, the teams will be staying together for this challenge. They draw knives: Sheldon and Bart have Salmon Candy, John and Josh have Truffle Popcorn, Brooke and Stefan have Rose Petal Jelly, CJ and Tyler have Spicy Dill Pickles, Josie and Eliza have Cardamom Bitters, Danyele and Lizzie have Coconut Curry Chocolate and Kristen and Micah have Cheese Curds. They have to make a dish to highlighting the ingredient they have picked and the artisans who created the ingredient will be judging them. They have two hours to create their dish and the winning team wins $10,000.

The chefs start working on their menus and what they are going to create. CJ and Tyler are struggling with their choices. Tyler thinks CJ’s idea is too simple, but he is a veteran and trusting him. Josie and Eliza are trying to put their egos aside and work together as best they can. Lizzie tasted the Coconut Curry Chocolate and thought of doing a fish, but Danyele is set on doing a dessert. Since Bart and Sheldon have immunity, they are going to go balls to the wall.

We are down to one hour to cook and the chefs are working on their dishes for Top Chef Season 10. They are all working fast, as the judges arrive. Josh thinks the grits are too thick, but John thinks they are fine. Josh doesn’t want to butt heads with John. John thinks he is not cooking the pork properly, but doesn’t want to rumble Josh and says nothing. The time runs out and it is time for the judges to taste what they have come up with.

The judges tonight are Padma, all the artisans that created their ingredients they cooked with, Daisley Gordon, Hugh Acheson, Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons. Josh and John made Pan-Seared Pork Tenderloins with Truffle Popcorn Grits. Micah and Kristen made Cheese Curds Three Ways: Bechamel, Raw and Fried. Stefan and Brooke made Rose Petal Glazed Muscovy Duck with Braised Cabbage. Sheldon and Bart made Candied Salmon with Sweet and Sour Salad.

For Stefan and Brooke, Hugh said the duck is too tough and Tom said there is too much sugar in the cabbage. For John and Josh, Hugh said the grits suck and Tom said the pork sucks. For Micah and Kristen, Hugh said you couldn’t discern a cheese curd in there. For Sheldon and Bart, Tom said he wants more of it and Gail said the texture makes it so good.

The other chefs are cooking and Josie is taking the lead and Eliza doesn’t have time to argue with her. Tyler thinks they went boring with their dish, but we shall see. Josie and Eliza made Curry Cardamom Broth with Manila Clams and Seared White King Salmon. Lizzie and Danyele made Coconut Curry Chocolate Mousse Tart. CJ and Tyler made Pork Crumpet Burger with Spicy Dill Pickles.

For CJ and Tyler, Hugh said it is a gross, spongy bun and Tom said they couldn’t think of anything more original than putting them on a burger. For Eliza and Josie, Gail said the broth is too salty and Hugh said it is not zinging for him. For Danyele and Lizzie, Gail said the flavors in there are so overpowering and it was not her favorite. Tom said they were all so bad and not a good day for Top Chef Seattle and he doesn’t think they deserve a prize.

Tom comes back to meet the chefs and said they were really disappointed and the dishes were pretty bad and they had to apologize to the artisans for their dishes. They will not be giving any prize out to a winner and a whole team will be leaving the next day on Top Chef 2012! All the chefs are worried about who will be going home now and CJ is questioning why he even came back and Stefan is worried about the birthday curse.

The next day arrives and it is time to find out what team will be going home tonight on Top Chef Seattle. Padma comes in and asks to see Josh and John, Stefan and Brooke and Tyler and CJ. Padma said these dishes were the most disappointing of all the dishes yesterday. Gail said the food didn’t taste good and it wasn’t prepared well. Stefan said the jelly was so sweet and he tried to fix it. Tom said Josh and John’s plate looked like it was someone who had to feed their family, but hated cooking. Gail said they wanted creative from the chefs.

The Top Chef judges discuss the dishes some more. Gail felt that CJ and Tyler thought they made a great burger, which is a bad thing. Josh and John compromised to get along with each other and lost their talent with that. Hugh said the burger was the worst. Padma thinks Stefan and Brooke’s was the worst. Tom hated the pork and grits dish, so that leaves the ball in the court of Gail.

The chefs come back and Tom said it wasn’t a unanimous decision, but it was a majority decision. The losing dish tonight is the burger, so CJ and Tyler are eliminated on Top Chef Seattle. Stefan survived the birthday curse. They still have a chance to come back in Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen. Kuniko is the reigning champ, so she will be taking on CJ and Tyler next for a chance to come back during the Top Chef Seattle finale!

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