We are still taking in the fact of who won Top Chef Masters 2013 last week, but there is no time for that as Top Chef New Orleans 2013 kicks off tonight and 19 new chefs find themselves in the Top Chef 2013 kitchen fighting for the title of Top Chef. Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio are back for Top Chef Season 11 and we are going to the south for this year’s entertainment, which should bring us some great dishes and fun challenges! Check out the premiere with us during our Top Chef New Orleans 2013 Live Recap and see who went home on Top Chef New Orleans 2013 tonight!

Top Chef - Season 11

As I stated, we have 19 new chefs making their way to New Orleans for Top Chef Season 11. Top Chef and Bravo may have lost out on the Emmy award for Best Reality Show to The Voice, but I am still a huge fan of this show and I think that makes up for the Emmy loss, right? I love me some cooking shows and Top Chef 2013 has the cooking show down.

Tonight on the Top Chef Season 11 premiere, the 19 chefs will get used to some Southern cooking, as they head to the swamp and cook up three local favorites: alligator, frog or turtle! Sounds interesting to me, but it is something these chefs must get used to and they must get used to cooking in some hot conditions! Who will boil over and be eliminated? Find out during our Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef New Orleans 2013 Live Recap or find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we meet the chefs as they arrive and we have a chef working with Wolfgang Puck and a chef who won a Michelin star. Jason Cichonski seems like a douche and Bene Bartolotta wants to be the first gay Top Chef. Janine Booth wants people to look past her beautiful face, but why mention it then?

They are enjoying their house, but then in walk Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio and there is no Quickfire Challenge tonight, but going right into the Elimination Challenge. They will be heading into the swamp and get handed Mardi Gras beads with the protein they are cooking: alligator, frog and turtle! They will need to create a dish highlighting one of these Louisiana delicacies. They will serve to 100 guests the next day and they will all get beads to hand out to their favorite dishes. The three chefs with the most beads will be eligible to win and the three chefs with the lowest beads will be in danger of going home.

Justin and Michael both competed against ten chefs to earn a spot on Top Chef New Orleans and since they won, they will have immunity tonight! The chefs go out and do some shopping and we have another gay contestant, as Travis said he cooks Asian and is the white guy that cooks Asian food, but then says he only dates Asian guys!

The chefs complete their shopping and head to the kitchen to get started on their dishes for the next day. They have two hours and Jason is struggling with getting the frog legs prepped in that time frame. Aaron is cooking pasta, so he can’t cook it tonight and will hope for the bext the next day. Carlos grew up in Mexico and wants his first dish to represent who he is as a chef. Nina cooks with a lot of curry and decides to make meatballs with her meat. Now we get to see Janine cook in her short shorts and boots. Can we eliminate her now please?

Tom Colicchio comes in and as he does Jason cuts himself! Sara has worked for Wolfgang Puck and now wants to branch out on her own. Carrie is nervous and was trying to avoid Tom, but he hunts her down and she holds herself together. Patricia works with David Burke and used to getting orders, so she is struggling. She does not have enough for her dish, so she might have to switch it up. Ramon was a MMA fighter and all he knows is fighting and cooking. The two hours runs out and we have chefs worried right now on Top Chef Season 11!

The next morning arrives and the chefs get a special visit from Emeril Lagasse. Stephanie Cmar was eliminated last season at the hands of Emeril, so he is glad to see her back and on the show this time. It is all good fun, but let’s get to the business. They head out to the swamp and realize nothing is setup for them. They must put everything together for their kitchens and this will work into their prep time! Everything is setup and now they are working on their dishes and not enjoying the hot, swampy weather.

Patricia is starting over with her dish, since she won’t have enough to serve everyone on Top Chef New Orleans 2013. The guests start arriving, as do the judges. It is now time to start serving and tastes for the judges.

I knew Bene looked familiar and he was on Battle of the Sous Chefs! The judges are going around and tasting all the dishes, but not much critiquing going on. The chefs are starting to get their beads from the diners and the love is being spread around right now. As much as I hate it, but it looks like Janine has a lot of beads right now. Travis and Nina both have a lot of beads, but Ramon and Patricia are lacking!

Serving and voting is done and the chefs are in the holding room and the TV screen pops up and they get to see the judges’ reactions, which is new for Top Chef Season 11. Padma comes in and asks to see Carrie, Nina and Sara and it is time for the Judges’ Table on Top Chef New Orleans 2013 and they have the top dishes tonight! The judges loved all the dishes, but the winner tonight on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 is Nina and she is queen of the swamp today!

They head back and the judges want to see Patricia, Aaron and Ramon. They tell Aaron he needs to think about execution and he should have made it in small batches. They thought Ramon’s dish was very bland and it tasted like water. Patricia’s dish paled in comparison to other dishes tonight.

The judges discuss the three dishes and time for the results on Top Chef Season 11. The chefs are back in front of the judges and Ramon has been eliminated on Top Chef New Orleans 2013. However, he will head to Last Chance Kitchen and try to compete against all the other eliminated chefs for a spot back in the kitchen!

What do you think of the results tonight on Top Chef 2013?

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