Life is not complete unless Top Chef is on television and our cravings are being answered tonight, as Top Chef Masters 2013 takes center stage on Bravo and Curtis Stone returns with 13 chefs fighting to win the title of Top Chef Master, but also win $100,000 for his or her charity. Many twists and turns will be coming tonight on Top Chef Masters Season 5, so expect some changes. Watch it all with us during our Top Chef Masters 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Top Chef Masters 2013 tonight!

Top Chef Masters - Season 5

With a new season comes new twists and the big one for Season 5 is that the chefs will be competing with the help of their very own sous chef. These sous chefs will also be competing in a new online competition called “Battle of the Sous Chefs” and the winning sous chef will win some kind of advantage for the chef they are working for. With the good comes the bad, so the losing sous chef will receive some kind of punishment for their chef! This could be a huge factor on Top Chef Masters 2013.

Gail Simmons, who we all know from Top Chef fame, will serve as the new head critic on Top Chef Masters 2013. Check out the chefs for Season 5 here and stay tuned for our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Top Chef Masters 2013 Live Recap or find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Masters Season 5 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…the chefs are arriving and they are all intimidated by the others in the room, but you know chefs are cocky! Bryan Voltaggio lost to his brother during Season 6 and now this is his chance to win! Curtis Stone arrives and Jenn Louis wants to swim in his eyes.

The chefs have handpicked their sous chefs and they come out and will find out the twist. The sous chefs will be cooking as well, but against each other in their own competition. Hugh Acheson will join them as host and judge Battle of the Sous Chefs on They do well and the chefs will get rewarded, but if they do bad than they will have obstacles to deal with on Top Chef Masters 2013.

There is no Quickfire today and the sous chefs will have their first challenge and the winner will win immunity for their chef! The chefs head to the dining room and the sous chefs start their challenge. As the sous chefs are finishing up their meals, the chefs learn about their first Elimination Challenge. They will be going to be preparing a family-style meal for the Skyhawks Parachute Team. They can drive there the next day or they can arrive sooner and get an extra hour of cook time if they skydive there!

Lynn Crawford is terrified of heights, but she says she will jump. All of them, but one will be jumping! Hugh comes back and the chefs will have to use the ingredients their sous chefs used! Richard Sandoval, David Burke and Lynn Crawford will get obstacles during the challenge, since their sous chefs were the worst dishes. Douglas Keane has won immunity and he is happy he chose not to skydive!

The next day arrives and they are on the plane!!! They are freaking out, but they all do it and it looks like fun! They all land and the cooking begins. The disadvantage for the chefs: no knifes for them!!! They get a butter knife on Top Chef Masters Season 5!

The chefs are cooking outside and are not liking the conditions, seeming they have to deal with wind and no electricity! Herbert Wilson used to date Star Jones, ugh! Douglas finally arrives and has no clue what he is going to be doing. He has immunity though!

The judges have arrived and it is time for a show, as the skydivers are falling from the sky. Everyone is seated and ready for the meals to be served on Top Chef Masters 2013! The time is running down and Herbert is freaking out that he won’t get it done in time and he is right, as he did not manage his time well.

Time to taste the dishes and Franklin, David, Herbert and Lynn. Gail said Lynn’s salad was impressive. They said David’s shrimp was too shrimpy. They said Franklin’s halibut was bland, but their hat goes off for poaching halibut out here. Gail said Herbert could have served his oysters raw.

Next dishes come from Jenn, Sue, Bryan and Sang. There are not enough clams for Jenn’s dish. The pork for Sang was not evenly cooked. For Bryan, they said it was a sexy dish when you didn’t expect it. For Sue, they felt it was conservative and they want to see more from her.

The next group of dishes on Top Chef Masters Season 5 come from Odette, Jennifer, Douglas, Neal and Richard. Douglas was the only one not to jump, so he had less time. Gail loved the dish from Odette and the meat. They did not love Doug’s dish as much as they would have liked, but impressed with what he did in an hour. Curtis said Richard’s dish is a mish-mash of all the ingredients. They said Neal’s dish is the ugliest on the table, but the flavor is great. They thought Jennifer’s meat on the dish was a turn-off.

Time for the Critics’ Table on Top Chef Masters 2013 and they want to see Bryan, Odette and Neal and they are the favorite dishes of the night. Bryan said in order to create a great dish you don’t need a protein. Odette said the ingredients her sous chef chose were perfect. Neal had 17 ingredients to work with, which is amazing he is here. The winning chef tonight and winner of $10,000 for their charity is Odette! Do you agree with their choices?

The chefs called in for the worst dishes are Herbert, Richard and David. Richard said it was struggling using a butter knife and his sous chef picked two proteins for him and his meat was tough to cut with the butter knife, which was his downfall. Herb said it was him not judging the time right and not getting his dish done is the cardinal sin on Top Chef and he deserves to go home, but will the critics agree?

Curtis said it does show integrity to admit when he is wrong, but Herbert Wilson will be packing his knifes tonight and he is eliminated on Top Chef Masters 2013 tonight! Do you agree with the critics?

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