Restaurant Wars is always a popular hit on any of the Top Chef seasons and I think it will be a big hit for Top Chef Masters 2013, as the remaining eight chefs break into teams and get to create the menu and open their own restaurant while competing against each other. The pressure is high during this episode and the tension will be pretty thick with these chefs on Top Chef Masters Season 5. Come watch it all go down during our Top Chef Masters 2013 Live Recap and see who went home on Top Chef Masters 2013 tonight!

Top Chef Masters - Season 5

Last week on Top Chef Masters Season 5, we saw the chefs surprise host Curtis Stone with an engagement party. The chefs broke into teams of three and has to help cater the party. While most teams seemed to each create one dish per chef and then work on the dessert together, Franklin decided to tackle two dishes for his team. He took on too much and his dishes lacked, which is why he was sent home last week.

We are down to eight chefs on Top Chef Masters 2013 and it is time for Restaurant Wars!!! Sang has been a force to be reckoned with during the Quickfire Challenges, but can he carry that over to the Wars tonight? Find out in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Top Chef Masters 2013 Live Recap or find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Masters Season 5 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


We start out finding out that Neal’s sous chef won, so he has immunity this week. They get right to their Elimination Challenge and find out that it is Restaurant Wars! The teams will be Sang, David, Sue and Doug (Artisan) versus Jennifer, Neal, Lynn and Bryan (72 & Sunny). They will be working with Busy Phillips and will create a restaurant for Los Angeles. Jennifer, Neal, Lynn and Bryan had the winning sous chefs, so they get a two-hour advantage of working with their sous chefs over the other team. They have a $4,000 budget at Whole Foods.

The teams break off and start working on their restaurants. Jennifer and David will be front of the house the next day for their teams. David is dead-set on serving coffee, for some reason. The chefs head out and do their food shopping and shopping for things for the restaurant. Jennifer is loving that phone and calling her teammates every two seconds to verify they are getting the right food. Settle it down Jennifer on Top Chef Masters 2013.

The chefs are back in the kitchen and working on their dishes. Jennifer is worried because she has to make two dishes and is front of the house. The sous chefs arrive to help.

Curtis Stone and Busy Phillips come in to check out their dishes and Bryan is doing his own version of cobb salad and he is worried their menu might not be cohesive. Busy is pregnant and she is loving all this food!

The sous chefs leave on Top Chef Masters Season 5 and Sue is feeling like her team thinks of her as a line cook and not on the same level as them. She knows it will always be a boys club, but girls are better! David and Sang get into a little heated disagreement. The staff arrives and David feels he has the most experiences with restaurants and is taking charge.

David has decided to have the servers work as the expediters, which his team is not feeling right now.

The diners are arriving and it is going to be interesting to see how Jennifer makes this work with two dishes and front of the house. The critics arrive and get seated. Artisan is serving the judges first. Jennifer thinks that Lynn is not making the salads good enough and tight enough than she shouldn’t have been front of the house!

Up first, salad and soup for Artisan. They say the soup is more saucy than soup. The salad was beautiful, but the dressing is sweet. Busy loved everything on the plate though. It is now two entrees for the judges, a salmon and New York strip. They thought the salmon was beautiful and every bite in the dish is a surprise. The steak was perfectly nice, but it is expected.

David is in the front of the house for 72 & Sunny and he is flirting with the girls and the guys to make people happy!

Back to Artisan and the judges. We have two desserts to finish the meal. Neal’s cake was good, but then they thought it was lackluster. The brownie is quite rich, but then the ice cream tastes like yogurt. They are done with Artisan and heading to 72 & Sunny now.

Back in the kitchen though, Sang is freaking out and being very rude to the servers. Is this how he runs his kitchens? David brings out the two apps and the judges think the sushi worked for them, but the salad does not look like the work of a chef. Next dishes for the critics and for David they don’t think the raw snapper gives it much flavor. For Sang’s dish, they think it is delicious and his sauce is amazing. For the desserts on Top Chef Masters 2013, David and Sue made them. For David, they said it is smooth and silky. For Sue, Busy enjoyed this the most and Gail thought it fit right in.

The chefs have finished and it is time for the Critics Table on Top Chef Masters 2013 and Curtis Stone comes in and wants to see 72 & Sunny first. They had the favorite restaurant of the night. Gail Simmons said she fell in love with David tonight. They seemed to think that Sue’s salad and dessert was amazing, but Sang had that sauce the judges were dying for and he is the winner tonight on Top Chef Masters 2013. That is another $10,000 for his charity and his is killing it this season!

Artisan takes their place in front of the critics and time to find out who is going home tonight! This is the team that had their sous chefs for two hours, so they ruined that advantage. Jennifer said front of the house went well and she executed two dishes, so she is proud of that. They said her mushrooms were rubbery. They don’t like that Neal’s steak was a New York steak for an L.A. restaurant. They said Lynn’s dessert was more like brownie a la mode and they loved Bryan’s salad.

The critics discuss and they think they missed what Busy Phillips was trying for. Neal has immunity, so he will not be going home. It appears that Jennifer will be headed home because she took on a little too much tonight. What do you think?

We are back in front of the critics and they have decided to send home Lynn! Jennifer is safe and the brownie a la mode is a non-winner tonight. The other chefs are safe tonight on Top Chef Masters Season 5.

What do you think of their decision tonight on Top Chef Masters 2013?

To end the show, Curtis Stone comes in and tells Doug that his sous chef needs to talk to him. His sous chef is leaving, so now Doug is on his own!!!

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