The chefs on Top Chef Masters 2013 will be put to the test tonight on Top Chef Masters Season 5 will feature the remaining chefs trying to create curry in just 30 minutes! What issues will their sous chefs give them this week based on the Battle of the Sous Chefs competition for Top Chef 2013? Find out during our Top Chef Masters 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Top Chef Masters 2013 tonight with us!

Top Chef Masters - Season 5

It was all about the drama last week on Top Chef Masters Season 5, as the chefs had a challenge consisting of creating dishes for the Days of our Lives cast! They were split into teams of three: sex, greed and murder! Their dishes had to reflect what team they were on and the worst dish from each team would go in front of the critics. Odette made one of her signature dishes, however the egg yolk in the middle of the ravioli surprised many of the diners and because of that she was sent home!

Besides making the curry in a hurry tonight on Top Chef Masters 2013, the chefs will help celebrate Curtis Stone and his fiancee Lindsay Price their engagement. It is a surprise party for Curtis, but one chef will be surprised in the end when the critics send them home! Our Live Recap follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Top Chef Masters 2013 Live Recap or find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Masters Season 5 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Things kickoff with the Quickfire Challenge, where the chefs will have to create a curry that can be paired with one of the beers given to them. The chefs are freaking out because curry is not something that is created in 30 minutes! Jennifer feels confident with this dish and Douglas is wanting to do something different than anyone else. Sang is wishing he had used rice with his curry.

Time is up and the judges will taste: For Franklin, they don’t like to wrestle with the meal and the curry tastes sweet. For Douglas, they said it is light and refreshing, but not sure if it is a curry. For Lynn, they liked the apple on the curry. For Sang, they said it is fantastic and is a real curry. For Neal, Curtis likes the flavor of the curry sauce, but too much rice on the plate. For Bryan, best pairing of the beer and the curry.

Least favorite dishes: Douglas (didn’t feel like curry enough) and Franklin (too complicated). Favorite dishes: Lynn (made him feel good and paired nicely with beer) and Sang (this is what he thinks of a curry). The winner is Sang and can he lose any of these challenges? He has won $20,000 already for his charity on Top Chef Masters 2013!

Elimination Challenge: they will be doing a tasting with James Oseland. For the Battle of the Sous Chefs, Douglas’ sous chef won and he has immunity. The losing sous chefs were from Lynn, Sang and Bryan and they will form a team (Blue Team). Douglas gets to pick his team and he picks David and Sue (Red Team). That leaves Franklin, Jennifer and Neal (Green Team). For being the losing sous chefs, that team only gets 15 minutes to shop and the others get 30 minutes!

Curtis Stone leaves and James tells them it isn’t a tasting, but a surprise engagement party for Curtis! The chefs will be catering it and his fiancee comes in to help with the food list. The chefs come up with menus and then shopping time and Sang, Lynn and Bryan sit and wait for their 15 minute penalty to pass them by! They come with a plan and they get that shopping done in 15 minutes!!!

The chefs are back in the kitchen and starting to make their dishes and have two hours to get everything ready for the surprise party on Top Chef Masters Season 5. Jennifer is nervous with time and she may have bit off a little too much. Neal is doing simple so he can help out his team if they need him. Yeah, Jennifer is freaking out as time is running out and she is going to need some help!

The party is getting started as the guests are arriving and the time in running out. The guests are there and here comes Curtis! He comes out and is in total shock and doesn’t know how they kept this from him. His fiancee is very pretty, but then so is Curtis Stone, right???

The time runs out and Jennifer gets her dishes done in time! Service is happening and the Blue Team is up first tonight. They loved Sang’s dish. For Lynn, Curtis loved the taste of crab and his fiancee loved it. For Bryan, the thought it was a weird combination with the scallop. For the dessert, they said it tasted bland.

Next up on Top Chef Masters 2013 is the Green Team: For Neal, they said the meat was too fatty, but Gail liked the flavor. For Jennifer, they thought the lobster was missing. For Franklin, the cocktail on the side was confusing with the nice piece of salmon. For their dessert (Franklin made them), they like the texture, but it had no flavor.

The last team of the night is the Red Team: For first dish, they were puzzled by the combination of meat, but they liked it. They didn’t know about the Korean feel to it though. For Sue, it was a hit. For Douglas, they liked the flavor and play on the margarita. For David, they really enjoyed it and it made them giggle.

The party has come to an end and time to find out the winners and losers of the night!

We have arrived at the Critics’ Table on Top Chef Masters 2013 and they want to see Sue, Douglas and David (Red Team). They had their favorite dishes of the night, but which chef will be the winner? Since they worked so well together as a team, they are each winners and they all get $5,000 for their charity!

They return to the kitchen and the critics have asked to see Franklin, Neal and Jennifer (Green Team). They had the least favorite dishes tonight on Top Chef Masters 2013. Neal said they all came up with their own dishes, so no one was the leader. Neal’s pork was too fatty. Jennifer’s pasta was too thick and hard to taste the filling. Franklin did two dishes on his own. They loved his salmon, but the drink it was paired with did not make sense. The dessert was too bland.

The critics discuss the three chefs and I have no clue where they are going with this one! All three of the chefs have failed in some way, but who goes home??? The chefs are back in front of the critics and it is Franklin going home tonight!

What do you think of their decision tonight on Top Chef Masters Season 5?

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