While we had a family affair last week on Top Chef Duels 2014 and a battle of cousins, tonight on Top Chef Duels will be far from the love we saw last week. The duel tonight will feature CJ Jacobson against Stefan Richter, who were competitors during Top Chef Seattle. They have bad blood between them, so this won’t be the fun, family competition of last week. Watch with us during our Top Chef Duels 2014 Recap and see who won The Duel on Top Chef Duels 2014 tonight!

Top Chef Duels - Season 1

Last week on Top Chef Duels Season 1, it was cousins Mike Isabella and Antonia Lofaso taking each other on. They split their challenges, so they each took home $10,000. It was then time for The Duel, which had them creating a three-course Italian feast and their families would be the diners! It was a very close battle, but we saw Antonia named the winner, which she was shocked to find out and beat her cousin! Mike headed to The Knockout to take on Brooke Williamson to remain in the competition for a spot in the finale!

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Who wins tonight on Top Chef Duels 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…the judges and chefs are in place, so let’s do this! Stefan said he has been so close and he needs to win this, but this is his retirement season and moving back to Finland to be close to his Mom. They do not get along and have no respect for each other. They draw knives and CJ wins, so he picks Stefan to go first with his challenge.

CHALLENGE #1: Stefan’s challenge is to create a smoked dish, but only in 30 minutes! Stefan is smoking some fish, so not how this is going to work in that short amount of time. It is a big rush, but they get the smoking done as time runs out!

TASTING: For Stefan, they said it is a tasty plate of food, but they have some bones in it. Curtis said he could have turned up the smoke just a little. For CJ, they love the crunch and the cucumber with it. Good dish, but too rubbery. Loved acidity of the broth and the smoke is good.

RESULTS: In a 2-1 vote, Cj is the winner and gets $10,000!

CHALLENGE #2: CJ says that Stefan is an ass, so they are going to cook with an animal’s butt! So, create a dish in 30 minutes with whatever butt they would like.

TASTING: For CJ, they said the sauce is rich and flavorful. They really enjoyed the dish. For Stefan, they loved the heat in the broth. The meatballs were spongy and thick for a Thai soup. The potatoes were a little out of place, but the flavor of the broth is delicious.

RESULTS: The judges vote for CJ and he has won $20,000 tonight on Top Chef Duels 2014!

THE DUEL: They will create a three-course meal using forage ingredients! For the first course, they have to create a dish using seafood. For the second course, create a dish using fowl. For the third course, they will create a dish using ingredients from land. Shailene Woodley is the special guest judge and I love her!

The chefs head out to get their ingredients from the forest! They gather them up and are back in the kitchen to cook for The Duel. This is up the alley for CJ, so he will feel bad if he loses! Shailene and Curtis come in to check how things are going and they seem to be impressed. The diners all arrive and time to taste the dishes!

FIRST COURSE: For Stefan, they found it comforting and a nice hug from him. For CJ, they love how he plated it. They said it tastes fresh and highlights the wild ingredients without masking them.

SECOND COURSE: For CJ, they said they had ton of flavor. They seem to be impressed and they all have positives and he knows about this forage concept. For Stefan, they said beautiful craftsmanship. Curtis said he misses foods like this and chefs showing their skills. They said both dishes were really good.

FINAL COURSE: For Stefan, they loved goat and his use of it. The flavor was delicious and it tasted wild. They did say it tasted dry. For CJ, they seem impressed and impressed by his knowledge. Again, they said beautiful dishes.

The diners discuss all the dishes and as much as CJ knew about the foraging, I think the judges were impressed with what Stefan did and sticking to his roots. Who do you think will win tonight on Top Chef Duels 2014?

RESULTS: The judges have discussed and the winner of The Duel is CJ Jacobson! That means Stefan is heading to The Knockout to stay in contention of making it to the finale and he will be taking on Mike Isabella!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef Duels tonight?

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