It is a family affair tonight on Top Chef Duels 2014, as cousins Mike Isabella and Antonia Lofaso will go head-to-head to see which family member can win The Duel tonight on Top Chef Duels! In an Italian night battle, the chefs will not only have to impress the Top Chef Duels judges, but they will also have to impress their family members, who will be in attendance for the big event! Watch with us during our Top Chef Duels 2014 Recap and see who won The Duel on Top Chef Duels 2014 tonight!

Top Chef Duels - Season 1

Last week on Top Chef Duels Season 1, it was an intense battle between Brooke Williamson and Shirley Chung. Both chefs brought their own challenge with them that they thought would throw off their opponent. It worked for Brooke, but not Shirley! Brooke won both challenges and took home $20,000! However, in The Duel, Shirley showed us what she does best and easily won the competition! She moves on to the Top Chef Duels 2014 finale to compete for that $100,000 prize! Brooke moves on to The Knockout and one of the eliminated chefs will fight their way back into the finale!

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Who wins tonight on Top Chef Duels 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…everyone is in place and they both brought a challenge with them. They draw knives and Mike gets to decide, so he lets Antonia go first!

CHALLENGE #1 – She picks rice balls, which she is known for. She said it is an Italian-American dish and her specialty. They have to contain rice and be in a ball. They both struggle, but get their dishes plated in 30 minutes!

TASTING – For Antonia, Gail said it is really big balls. Curtis said he likes it salty, but this is right on the edge. They couldn’t believe how big they were, but cooked all the way through and juicy. For Mike, they said it is a very different style and the flavor is unexpected. They loved the flavors and it was super creative, but it did taste underseasoned and rice undercooked.

RESULTS – Antonia wins her own challenge and takes home $10,000!

CHALLENGE #2 – For Mike’s challenge, they will butcher and clean various seafood. The fastest gets to pick what protein they get to cook with. They have 30 minutes to do it all! Mike finishes in ten minutes, so he wins and picks mackerel to cook with!

TASTING – For Mike, they said it is spicy, but they loved it and good taste. Curtis said it had too much flavor for a soup, but would be a good sauce. For Antonia, they said it was perfectly cooked and love the crunch. Impressed she did it in 16 minutes and the best way to cook the fish and get the best flavor out of it.

RESULTS – Mike wins in a 2-1 vote and they each take home $10,000 on Top Chef Duels 2014!

THE DUEL – They will each create a three-course Italian feast and the diners will be their families! For first course, they have to recreate a family heirloom dish. For the second course, they will create an interpretation of a carbonara. For the final course, they will create a spin on a traditional Italian dessert. They get to choose one family member to stay with them and help as their sous chef. She picks her brother and he picks his wife. They head out and get their ingredients and start cooking. The pressure is on now!

FIRST COURSE – For Antonia, they said the smell reminded them of their childhood. For Mike, his Mom said it was a delicious spin on how they normally cook it, but Antonia’s dish is good to. They said they both did a good job. Antonia’s dish is great, but she did not embrace the challenge as much as Mike did.

SECOND COURSE – For Mike, they said the flavors are epic and the pasta is so good. They said it is delicious and extremely unique. For Antonia, they said she nailed it and it was interesting. They thought the brown sauce was heavy and a lot of richness in their mouth.

FINAL COURSE – For Antonia, they said it is delicious. They had doubts, but it was perfectly executed. For Mike, they said it is very different and a distinctive flavor. His wife likes less sweet desserts and she loves it, but Gail said it did not set as much as she would like.

RESULTS – The judges loved both of the chefs and their dishes they made tonight on Top Chef Duels 2014. They both get emotional being up against each other, but only one of them can win tonight. The winner of The Duel is Antonia and she is headed to the finale. Mike goes to The Knockout to fight for a spot in the finale, which he will be going up against Brooke Williamson!

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