The remaining chefs on Top Chef Duels 2014 have all won The Duel during their respective week or fought back into the finale based on The Knockout on Top Chef Duels Season 1. All that is done and over with and now it is time for the ten remaining chefs to battle it for the $100,000 prize and knowledge of being the winner of Top Chef Duels 2014! Check out our Top Chef Duels 2014 Recap for the finale tonight and see who won Top Chef Duels 2014 tonight!

Top Chef Duels - Season 1

As we head into the Top Chef Duels finale, here is what to expect: “This is the epic showdown as the winners of each of the Duels plus the champion from the digital companion series ‘The Knockout’ convene in the kitchen to crown a victor. First, all ten chefs must prepare dishes that are bright in flavor and black on the plate. The top two chefs move to the final Duel, while the remaining eight chefs compete for the last two spots by making dishes composed of all white ingredients. After the final four are announced, the ultimate Duel commences for a table of the culinary elite, in a salute to love, honor and pride. In the end, only one chef will earn bragging rights and win the $100,000 grand prize and a culinary adventure that will be featured in Food and Wine Magazine.”

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Who wins tonight on Top Chef Duels 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef Duels 2014 Live Recap or find out who won Top Chef Duels Season 1 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…for the finale, we will have ten chefs competing and they will fight it out in two qualifying challenges. The top two chefs from each challenge will move on to the final four to cook off for the grand prize!

The judges arrive and the nine winners are present, but now time to find out the winner of The Knockout, who happens to be Tiffani Faison and that one surprises me.

FIRST CHALLENGE: The chefs will have to create a dish that is vibrant in flavors, but not in color. They will be creating an all-black dish! All ten chefs will be cooking, but the top two chefs move into the final four. Kevin claims he is making an award-winning dish. Stephanie said all her go-to ingredients to make it vibrant are green, so she is struggling. Jennifer said that all her room was black as a child, so this is right up her alley. Takashi said he never cooks with all black ingredients. Richard said he has gone through some black food phases and Dale said he is going through some Rain Man stuff. CJ said he struggled in previous seasons, but he found his niche and it is forging, but there are no black herbs! The time runs out and time for tasting!


  • Takashi – They said it looks beautiful and is very tasty.
  • Jennifer – They like the jalapeno and ginger together.
  • Antonia – They said it is a very interesting flavor and good job.
  • CJ – They said it is tasty and different texture and made it look exciting.
  • Stephanie – They said the flavor combination is good and fish is moist.
  • Richard – They said beautiful color with pasta and richness in flavor.
  • Shirley – They said tastes great, but orange in there.
  • Tiffani – They said they loved the coconut flavor and interesting way to go and fantastically flavored food.
  • Kevin – They said he has really gone for it and flavor is right on.
  • Dale – They said as much as the herbs are not black, but they are needed.

RESULTS: The judges said there were a number of dishes that stood out, but two of them are moving on to the final challenge. The two chefs moving on to the final challenge are CJ and Tiffani!!!

SECOND CHALLENGE: The remaining eight chefs will now compete again and two more will move on to the final duel! Of course, this will be creating an all-white dish in 45 minutes! Kevin said it is easier to do the white dish, as the black dish you have to do a lot of cooking and the white dish you kind of just leave it. Antonia said she always makes the finale, but loses. If she doesn’t make this, she may keep coming back until she is on Top Chef Seniors! Takashi said everyone has so much energy and maybe he is getting old. The judges arrive and time runs out, so time for tasting on Top Chef Duels 2014!


  • Dale – They said the presentation is great and all the flavors came through.
  • Kevin – They said it is good and so tasty.
  • Shirley – They said heavy on the garlic, but love the texture.
  • Richard – They said different elements and textures and extremely interesting.
  • Stephanie – They said it is strong, but approachable.
  • Antonia – They said it is a beautiful, simple dish.
  • Jen – They said it is a texturally interesting dish.
  • Takashi – They said they love the roll and it has a beautiful freshness and the presentation is stunning.

RESULTS: Time for two more chefs to move on to the final duel! They are Takashi and Kevin! That means all the other chefs have been eliminated. My predictions were for Kevin to win, so I am good to go still!!!

FINAL DUEL: After each course is served, one chef will be eliminated! That leaves us with a final head-to-head for the final course. The first course will be inspired by love. The second course will show honor and the final course will be pride. They have three hours before service begins. The chefs head back and the cooking begins! They all seem to have a story to go with their love, but CJ has no love story and is just showing us the love of peas!

FIRST COURSE: For Takashi, they said it was great and his style was on that plate, but it may be a little busy with everything on the plate. For CJ, they said it is good and he has a lot of texture and this goes in a different direction and it is great. For Tiffani, they said it tasted ripe and bold. Loved the sweetness of the scallop and could taste the love in the dish. For Kevin, they said this is definitely a dish about love. They said it was a spicy dish, so would love to meet his wife!

RESULTS: The judges discuss all four of the dishes and we find out that CJ and Tiffani are moving on and we must wait for the other result! Kevin is moving on also, which means that Takashi is eliminated on Top Chef Duels 2014 tonight!

SECOND COURSE: For CJ, they said they loved the dish and it was great and beautiful. For Kevin, they said the duck was a little chewy, but the dish was great. For Tiffani, they said it was a luxurious dish and very well made. It did not punch them as much with the shell flavor.

RESULTS: The judges discuss the dishes and Kevin’s duck was not cooked very well and it was his downfall, as the judges eliminate him! That means it is CJ and Tiffani in the head-to-head and I would not have seen this one coming!

THIRD COURSE: For Tiffani, they said it is a very daring dish to do for $100,000, but she nailed it. They said it was a delicious summer dessert and the biscuit was so soft. For CJ, they said this was a good technique, but wrong fish. They said it has incredible flavor in that layer of crust.

RESULTS: The judges discuss the dishes and it is so open. They love CJ and his unordinary cooking and thinking. They think Tiffani gave them a hug with each dish. This could go either way, but I am thinking that they will give the win to CJ. What do you think?

Back in front of the judges and the winner of Top Chef Duels is Chris “CJ” Jacobson!!!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef Duels 2014 tonight?

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