The winner of Top Chef Boston 2015 will be determined in a couple short weeks and the final four chefs on Top Chef Season 12 will be competing for an automatic spot in the finals of Top Chef 2015 Boston! However, they have to rely on the cooking of their loved ones to guarantee a spot in the finale! No pressure or anything for their loved ones, right? Check out a sneak peek at Week 11 on Top Chef Season 12 below in our Top Chef Boston 2015 spoilers!

Top Chef - Season 12

For Week 11 on Top Chef Season 12, here is the official synopsis from Bravo:

[PHOTOS: Click here to meet the Season 12 chefs!]

The chefs get thrown for a loop by a surprise visit from their family members. As they celebrate their reunions, the chefs get an even bigger shock when they find out their loved ones will serve as their sous chefs in their next Elimination Challenge in which they must make one appetizer and one entrée. In a twist, the chefs find out that they cannot touch the appetizers, leaving solely their family members responsible for that dish. With an automatic ticket to the Top Chef finals on the line, the chefs’ nearest and dearest must take orders quickly if they are to hold up their end of the meal.”

For tonight, the final four chefs definitely want a spot in that finale, but they’ll be hoping their loved ones can come through for them! Check out a sneak peek here:

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