We are going to have some eye candy on Top Chef Boston 2014 tonight, as Rob Gronkowski makes his way into the kitchen to help as a guest judge and I know I’ll be distracted while he is there! The chefs on Top Chef Season 12 will then be put to the test, as they are using famous authors as their inspiration for their dishes tonight on Top Chef 2014 Boston! Check out a sneak peek at Week 9 below in our Top Chef Boston 2014 spoilers!

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Top Chef - Season 12

For Week 9 on Top Chef Season 12, here is the official synopsis from Bravo:

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Chefs are challenged to create the biggest and tastiest sausage dishes they can concoct when New England Patriots football player Rob Gronkowski steps in as guest judge for the Quickfire Challenge. Next up, the chefs must brush up on their reading for a unique Elimination Challenge where their dishes must be inspired by a literary work from a famous New England author including Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Dr. Seuess. As the chefs cook their cuisine to bring fiction to the plate, they hope their dishes don’t get lost in translation as the judges are joined by Chef Tony Maws and Clarkson Potter Editor Francis Lam at the Judges’ Table.”

For tonight, will anyone really care what the chefs are cooking? I mean, Rob Gronkowski is in the kitchen and we will all be staring at him! It looks like Padma Lakshmi is even getting googly-eyed over him! Check out a sneak peek here:

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