While we are all preparing for Thanksgiving next week, it looks like the chefs on Top Chef Boston 2014 will be preparing for it tonight, but in a much different and more difficult way! This will be an old fashioned Thanksgiving and the chefs on Top Chef Season 12 will be using only the things available to people back in the 1600s! This is definitely going to make things a little difficult on Top Chef 2014! Check out a Week 6 sneak peek below in our Top Chef Boston 2014 spoilers!

Top Chef - Season 12

For Week 6 on Top Chef Season 12, here is the official synopsis from Bravo:

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Top Chef alum Tiffani Faison surprises the chefs with a trip to the countryside as well as a test of endurance. The chefs must trek through a cranberry bog in a race to gather this classic New England ingredient to use as the base for their Quickfire Challenge: creating a unique dish highlighting the cranberry. For their Elimination Challenge, the chefs head to historic Plimoth Plantation and must work together to cook a traditional family-style Thanksgiving feast using only cooking tools, methods, and ingredients found in Massachusetts during the 1600s. Descendants of the Mayflower colonists and the native Wampanoag tribe as well as James Beard Award Winner Ken Oringer join the judges at the table for this non-traditional Thanksgiving feast.”

This should be interesting, especially since they’ll be out in the fields cooking this meal! A turkey dinner with using a fire??? Check out a sneak peek here:

Click on image for full view

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