After a double elimination on Top Chef Boston 2014 last week, the chefs are still unwinding from all the stress and now will be put head-to-head to stay in the competition. And with Veteran’s Day being yesterday, we are keeping up with the military theme for this week and the chefs on Top Chef Season 12 will be hitting the battlefield and making some dishes on a lean military budget (wish our country would have a lean military budget)! Padma Lakshmi is back and she is wearing some crazy pants, as seen in the photos below! Check out our Week 5 sneak peek of Top Chef 2014 Boston below in our Top Chef Boston 2014 spoilers!

Top Chef - Season 12

For Week 5 on Top Chef Season 12, here is the official synopsis from Bravo:

[PHOTOS: Click here to meet the Season 12 chefs!]

“The competition heats up when the chefs cook in head-to-head battles in a Quickfire Challenge with guest judge Jamie Bissonnette. In another head-to-head competition, the chefs strategize the best dishes they can make on a lean military budget with Revolutionary War-themed battles that take place at the historic Watertown Arsenal.”

It looks like war is about to break out on Top Chef Boston 2014 tonight, but will the chefs be able to keep it a peaceful war or will tensions rise and someone will get bombed? We have seen some major drama this season and it usually revolves around Aaron, so will he be the center of one of the arguments tonight or can he keep it in check for one week? Check out a sneak peek here:

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