This week’s “Top Chef All-Stars” had less drama than last week’s but continued the trend of shocking eliminations. It was double-elimination week and while it was no surprise to see Stephen go, it was a little shocking for Dale L. to go. He’s the first former Top Chef runner-up to go. And it’s only week three.

Earlier, the Quickfire Challenge had the contestants in teams of four competing against the clock in a timed mise-en-place challenge. The winning team, as usual, was the one containing Richard. The rest of the team included Stephen, Spike and Tre.

For the elimination challenge, the cheftestants had to dine in the same groups of four and some of New York’s finest restaurants then create a dish inspired by some of the dishes they had. And they’re competing against the other people on their teams.

The chefs get to try some pretty crazy foods and, in turn, have some pretty crazy inspirations. The judges pick one chef from each team to be on top, including Dale T., Angelo, Tre and Antonia.

The worst dishes came from Stephen, Dale L., Tiffani and Fabio. And as I said earlier, Stephen and Dale were the departing chefs.


Elimination challenge winner

Eliminated chef(s)

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