The chefs on Top Chef 2014 Season 11 are putting New Orleans behind them and heading to Hawaii for the final part of the season and one of them will walk away as the winner of Top Chef New Orleans 2014! We are down to Nina, Shirley and Nick as the final three chefs on Top Chef Season 11, but Louis or Carlos will return from Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to compete for those final two spots in the Top Chef 2014 finale! That’s right, two chefs will be moving on to the finale and two chefs will be eliminated tonight! Follow along with our Top Chef 2014 Season 11 Recap and find out who was eliminated on Top Chef 2014 tonight!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef Season 11, we saw the chefs take place in the last Elimination Challenge in New Orleans. The chefs had to create a dish that showcased their time in New Orleans and what they have learned. The winning dish would be added to the menu at Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant! Since the chefs could make anything, we saw dishes that were praised by all the judges. Shirley had the winning dish and will have her dish added to Emeril’s menu and Carlos had the worst dish and was eliminated!

Who goes home tonight on Top Chef 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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The chefs have arrived in Hawaii and they head out to meet Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio, who are with a bunch of people, like a luau. They are with Sam Choy, a famed Hawaiian chef. We check out the final challenge in Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen and the winner comes back in, as Louis won eight straight challenges and earns a spot back in the finals!

Quickfire Challenge: the locals call it Hawaiian steak, but the chefs will be making dishes that highlight Spam! The winner of this challenge will take home $10,000!!! Louis loves cooking with it, so he is ready for it, but the other chefs don’t seem so confident. Nina is using a Teriyaki Spam. The locals are watching and asking questions, which keeps the chefs off their game while trying to finish in 30 minutes!

The time is up and the judges taste all four of the dishes. There doesn’t seem to be any complaints from the judges on the Spam dishes, so it is anyone’s game now. In a shocker, we see Nick win the Quickfire Challenge and he won $10,000!

Elimination Challenge: the chefs will create a dish using canoe crops. They will have a pantry full of ingredients and find out it is a double elimination and only two of them will move on to the final challenge on Top Chef 2014.

The chefs go out to the pantry and gather their ingredients for the dishes they want to make. They have one hour to prep that night before the challenge the next day. Nina is feeling confident because she grew up cooking with these ingredients, unlike the others. Shirley feels they are all going to have similar dishes, but she is doing pork and feels a little better with that. Nina starts prepping the fish for Nick thinking it was her own fish, so now she is falling behind. She is also using the same fish as Louis, so they will be compared to each other and pressure is on as the time runs out for the prep!

The next day arrives on Top Chef Season 11 and the chefs have two hours until service. Tom comes in and checks out the dishes. All of the chefs are not sure about this challenge and think they are all strong chefs….lots of respect going around. To make things even more difficult, Mother Nature messes with them and the rain starts coming down! The clock doesn’t stop and the chefs keep going at it. It did not last long, as it passes over and the chefs try to finish up the dishes and fix the rain mistakes as time runs out and the guests and judges arrive.

Time for the judges to taste the dishes on Top Chef New Orleans 2014. For Louis, they think the fish is cooked perfectly. He had some inconsistencies with the cook of the fish, but the sweet potatoes were good. For Nina, they liked the way it looked and the fish is cooked great. The sauce might be spicy. They seemed to be impressed and better than what Louis did.

For Nick, they think it is a bold dish for him and he did very well. They think Hawaii may have relaxed him a little bit and he didn’t overthink it. For Shirley, they said she did a good job cooking the pork and it was done nice. They were only worried about the sweetness of the dish.

The chefs are waiting and see the judges discuss the dishes. They thought all the dishes were very nice. They all have great comments, but each dish had something that was not great about it (or something that the judges could pick apart). Only two of them move on and two are eliminated, so this is going to be tough. Padma comes in and the judges would like to see all of them.

Judges’ Table: again, I have no clue on where this one is going. While all the dishes were great, there is something they could pick apart on each dish. They feel all of them came in with such confidence tonight, but I am thinking it is going to be Nina for the win and probably Nick joining her. What do you think?

The judges on Top Chef 2014 discuss the dishes one more time and now the chefs are back in front of them. The winner of the challenge is Nick, so he is moving on to the finale! For winning, he gets an advantage in the finale, which we will find out next week! Nina is joining him, which means that Shirley and Louis have been eliminated!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef 2014 Season 11 tonight?

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