With only five chefs remaining on Top Chef 2014 Season 11, the pressure is getting more and more intense and these chefs are doing whatever it takes to make it to the finale of Top Chef New Orleans 2014! We all saw and read about the drama last week on Top Chef Season 11 when Nick was asked to resign and did not. I think a very smart and fair move on his part, but who am I, right? It looks like even more drama for Nick tonight and, of course, Carlos is involved, who seems to be coasting along. Find out what happens in our Top Chef 2014 Season 11 Recap and see who was eliminated on Top Chef 2014 tonight with us!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef Season 11, we saw Nick win the Quickfire Challenge and get immunity for the first time this season. At the Elimination Challenge, the chefs were put into two teams (which I think is stupid this late in the game) and had a battle between French and Spanish food. Nick’s team did lose and his dishes were the reason for the loss. However, because of his immunity he was safe. He earned it and we must move on. In his place, Stephanie was eliminated and headed to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to take on Louis.

Who goes home tonight on Top Chef 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef 2014 Season 11 Live Recap or find out who got eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Nick is not feeling good after being the one to send Stephanie home, but it is a competition. Nina is not sure what she would have done and feels bad for Nick.

The chefs then head out to the kitchen to meet Padma Lakshmi, who is with Roy Choi for the Quickfire Challenge. The chefs will be responsible for making their own po’ boy, which is a huge New Orleans dish. The chefs all start on their dishes and they feel confident about their sandwiches.

The chefs are all making their own version of their po’ boy and the time runs out, so the judges taste each po’ boy. Roy said they all missed the boat on this one. They had the bread and a chance to tell their story and they all screwed up! He looks pissed and he said they all need more soul with their cooking right now. He has some positives with everyone, but they all screwed up. Padma said they had good things, but putting it on the bread is where they screwed up. However, someone has to win and Shirley had the best sandwich and she has immunity for the next challenge on Top Chef 2014!

Elimination Challenge: Jon Favreau joins them and he is working on a film about a chef that no longer cooks with passion, so he opens a food truck and finds it again. For their challenge, the chefs will create a dish that represents a turning point in their culinary career. They will have 2 1/2 hours the next day to prep for serving at a charitable event.

In the meantime, they head out with Jon, Gail Simmons and Emeril Lagasse to check out some local food trucks. They all share their stories with each other and it is inspirational. The chefs then head home and throw some darts at a “picture” of Chef Roy Choi for his comments earlier and to let out some anger!

The next day arrives on Top Chef 2014 New Orleans and the chefs head out to Whole Food to get their ingredients for their dishes tonight. They are in the kitchen and Carlos asks Nick about some pots on the stove. Nick said the three pots are his and nobody move them. Carlos starts moving them, which pisses Nick off and he is starting to go off. I guess we don’t move his pots, huh?

They move past it….for noe. The kitchen is very hot and Nina is not able to make her pasta because of it, so she switches up her dish. Tom Colicchio and Jon Favreau come into the kitchen and check out what the chefs are doing. Nina is feeling overwhelmed and hopes talking to them will help bring her back. She said her dish is so simple that it has to be perfect. When Nick cooks, he takes on way too much! He has too many elements to his dish and then burns part of it, so it won’t have texture to it because he doesn’t have time to redo it!

The judges on Top Chef Season 11 and guests have arrived and it is almost time to serve. The time runs out and here come the plates! For Shirley, Tom said it is really delicious and Emeril said the fish is cooked perfect. Gail said she is drooling on herself because it is so good.

For Nina, they said the calamari is good and the pasta is perfect. Tom said at this point in the game, this is how they should be cooking and it was perfect. For Brian, they said it is heavy and intenee, but it is muddled. Emeril said it is tasty, but it is chicken breast. They think it is boring.

For Carlos, they said you can taste every ingredient in his dish. They loved how he added the citrus. For Nick, Padma says the sauces are great and an interesting dish and sophisticated. Emeril said it is unseasoned. Tim said texture would have been good for this dish.

The chefs are in the holding room and Padma comes in and they would like to see them all tonight for the Judges’ Table on Top Chef 2014 Season 11. We have some great dishes from Nina, Shirley and Carlos and the judges loved them. Nick and Brian are on the bottom tonight and the judges were not impressed.

The judges discuss all the dishes and I think it is going to be Nina winning and Nick going home tonight. What do you think?

The chefs are back in front of the judges and time to find out the results. The winning chef tonight is Shirley and she is probably the winningest chef this season! That leaves us with Brian and Nick and one of them will go home. Even Nick is shocked, as Brian is eliminated tonight on Top Chef New Orleans 2014! He now heads to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to take on Louis, who has won six competitions in a row!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef 2014 Season 11 tonight?

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