We are down to just six chefs on Top Chef 2014 Season 11 and it looks to be a battle between France and Spain tonight on Top Chef New Orleans 2014! The remaining chefs will be put to the test of creating dishes from the French and Spanish for the Elimination Challenge and it appears the six chefs will be working in teams! The team challenges on Top Chef Season 11 always bring some drama, so expect that tonight! Follow along with our Top Chef 2014 Season 11 Recap and see who was eliminated on Top Chef 2014 tonight!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef 2014 New Orleansthe chefs were the caterers for a party of local chefs. They were each put to the task of creating a dish that highlighted two different types of seafood from the area. Seafood is huge in New Orleans, so these local chefs would be some hard judges! While the judges were all impressed with the dishes from these chefs, some of them lacked the power of the seafood like they wanted. One of those dishes came from Carrie, who decided to grind up her flounder and make flounder fritters. The judges were not impressed and sent her home!

Who goes home tonight on Top Chef 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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The chefs head over to meet with Padma Lakshmi, who is standing with Jacques Pepin for the Quickfire Challenge. They will each prepare Jacques’ favorite dish. He will show them how to make it and then have 35 minutes to replicate the dish. After a presentation by Jacques, the chefs get started on their dishes. Carlos is way behind and not even cooking with five minutes remaining. Nina realizes that she never turned on the burners, so hoping it gets cooked in a short amount of time and Brian has nothing together for presentation.

The time runs out and the judges taste all the dishes. Shirley is the only one who seems to be happy with her dish. Nick is happy, but he missed on component of his dish, so it is up to the judges to decide on Top Chef 2014! The bad dishes were from Stephanie, Carlos and Brian. Nick and Shirley had the best dishes. Jacques names the winner, which happens to be Nick and someone finally takes down Shirley. He wins immunity in the next Elimination Challenge.

Elimination Challenge on Top Chef New Orleans 2014: they will work in two teams and prepare a five-course meal that will highlight either French or Spanish food. They draw knives and Shirley, Stephanie and Nick get French food and Nina, Carlos and Brian get Spanish food. The chefs get some advice and time with the French and Spanish chefs to go over the menus.

The chefs head out and do some shopping for their food and ingredients the next day. The chefs are back in the kitchen and prepping for the next day. Stephanie has no clue on French food, but Nick and Shirley have it going on and Stephanie feels out of the loop on things. The other team feels confident going into the next day.

The next day arrives on Top Chef Season 11 and we see Carlos talking to his daughter on the phone, who is missing his family big time. He would love to win Top Chef 2014 and start a college fund for his daughter.

The chefs then head out and are getting their dishes together. Everything is coming together and the judges have arrived. The time runs out and the food is starting to go out. Nick and Carlos start it out. For the French Team, they said it is delicious and incredible and the fish is great. For the Spanish Team, they said it was soulful and the potatoes were cooked perfectly.

For the second course, the Spanish Team and they wanted another bowl of the soup and thought it was very balanced. For the French Team, they had some issue with the mussels, but flavor-wise it was fabulous.

Third Course: For the French Team, they said amazing flavor and it is really intense. For the Spanish Team, they said it was excellent in execution.

Fourth Course: For the Spanish Team, they said it is too safe and the chicken is dry, but Padma’s chicken was beautifully done. For the French Team, the Spanish chef will not even taste it. They said the thought process is there, but it was not executed.

Final Course: For the French Team, they said they needed to take it to the next level with the flavors. For the Spanish Team, it was too sweet, but good flavor with the chocolate.

The courses are all served and the judges seem to be torn on the winner, but they each had a dish that was not the best. Who do you think wins?

Judges’ Table: Padma comes in and they want to see the Spanish Team. They had the favorite meal today, so they are all safe! From the Spanish Team, the winning chef is Nina, who is back on the winning track!

That means that the French Team is the losing team tonight. Since Nick has immunity, that means Stephanie or Shirley will be headed home tonight on Top Chef 2014 Season 11. It seems that most of the problems were because of the dishes from Nick. Jacques Pepin asks Nick if he would resign, but Nick feels he did enough the day before and is keeping it. The judges would be sending home Nick if he did not have immunity, but like Tom Colicchio said it is the name of the game. Do you think Nick should have resigned?

The chefs are back in front of the judges and time to find out the results on Top Chef New Orleans 2014 tonight. The eliminated chef tonight is Stephanie. She now heads to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to take on Louis, who is taking down everyone since his elimination!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef 2014 tonight?

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