The time has come and we are ready to find out who the Top Chef judges 2014 name the winner of Top Chef Season 11. Tonight we will see a battle between Nick and Nina on Top Chef New Orleans 2014, but the chefs will be duking it out in Hawaii for the Top Chef 2014 finale. The two chefs will be assigned to creating a pop-up restaurant with the help of some of the eliminated chefs from Season 11. This usually brings drama, as someone no one wants returns! In the end, the judges will pick a winner of Top Chef 2014 and they will take home the grand prize! Watch it with us during our Top Chef 2014 Season 11 Live Recap and see who won Top Chef 2014 tonight!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef Season 11, we saw the final three chefs (Nick, Nina and Shirley) leave New Orleans and head to Hawaii for the finale. They found out that Louis won Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen and would be joining them to compete for the final two spots of the season. After creating dishes using canoe crops, the judges on Top Chef Season 11 decided that Nick and Nina had the best dishes and would move on to the Top Chef 2014 finale!

Who won Top Chef 2014 tonight? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef 2014 Season 11 Live Recap or find out who won Top Chef Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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We start with the judges’ deliberation and it looks like it is going to be a close one tonight, but we go back 48 hours and time to see Nick and Nina fight it out on the finale!

Elimination Challenge: they will each be taking over a restaurant for a night and will create a four-course menu to show that they deserve to win. For winning the last Elimination Challenge, Nick will get an advantage, which he will find out what it is later.

The next day arrives and Padma Lakshmi comes in and has some eliminated chefs with her, who will serve as sous chefs for their final challenge. Nick gets to pick all his three sous chefs first for his advantage, so he picks Jason, Louis and Brian. Nina picks Shirley, Stephanie and Travis. Shirley says it is girls against guys, which is kind of true and funny!

The chefs head out and start working on their dishes for this Elimination Challenge on Top Chef 2014. Nick seemed to pick buddies and friends and is having fun, but Nina seems more focused and picked a stronger team. She is dedicating this menu to her father. The chefs now head out and get their shopping done for the dishes. Nick is trying to make up for his bad dish that made his team lose before. He is taking chances with his dishes. Nina is going to make ice cream, but then Travis calls and says no ice cream machine in the kitchen and she is locked in with the ingredients purchased!

Nick and Nina are back in their kitchens and starting to give out directions for their sous chefs and who is making what dishes. Nina is switching up the dessert and is not feeling confident now. Nina and her chefs are having fun and laughing in the kitchen and I like it. Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse come in to check on the finalists. Nina hates when they come in and mess with her mind!

The time is running out for prep and Nina is worried about the goat from Stephanie and if it will be tender enough. The day of prep is done and Nina and Nick head out to dinner with Tom and Emeril, but get surprised with visits from their spouses and loved ones! This should help boost their spirits for the finale on Top Chef New Orleans 2014! They spend a nice night chatting and relaxing before the big final challenge!

It is time for service on the finale of Top Chef Season 11. Nina and Nick get to their restaurants and they chat with their servers and chefs and trying to get everything in place. Nina tastes the goat and it is chewy, so they need to be braised and hopefully done in time. Nick talks with servers and some are missing, so he is freaking out.

The guests and judges are starting to arrive and service begins. For Nina’s first dish, they said it is refreshing. Tom said you can taste all the ingredients. Nick’s servers are not working properly and he is not happy with them. For his first dish, they said fish quality is good. They thought good, but wanted more flavors from it.

For Nick’s second dish, the abalone is cooked perfect. It is seasoned well, but not sweet. For Nina’s second dish, they said the goat is perfectly cooked and seasoned. Tom said he would come back for this dish!

For Nina’s third dish, they said the kale fights with the brightness of the dish. For Nick’s third dish, they said the duck is chewy, but it is packed with flavor and he shined on that dish.

For Nick’s final dish, they said it is really delicious and yummy, but not enough jiggle. For Nina’s final dish, they think they are really good and the sauce is not, but it is not a complete dish. They said they ended a dinner with a whisper and not a bang! Nina also had two extra dishes during her meal, which were little appetizers and the judges seemed to enjoy them!

Time for the judges to switch restaurants and see what the other has to offer. They broke up into two groups and each went to separate restaurants, so the chefs had to make sure to serve both set of judges the same dishes to keep things even. Nick is a hot mess and gets way too worked up about things and I don’t like that. Yes, this is a huge opportunity, but enjoy it. He goes off and swears in the back and everyone hears it.

The service has ended and it is split. They both had good and bad points, but I think it goes to Nina. She seemed to have more good points, right?

Time for the Judges’ Table on Top Chef 2014 Season 11: Tom said all season a complaint for Nick was being under-seasoned and the fish did it again. The second dish was his best dish of the season. They like his dishes, but it seems like someone had something bad about each dish. Good points for Nina on the first two dishes, but then they were not as good on the final two dishes.

Now the judges deliberate on the final two chefs on Top Chef 2014. The judges seem to give the first two dishes to Nina and Nick takes the last two dishes! Now it seems to go to overall service and Hugh Acheson says the fact that Nick lashed out at his servers does weigh in on it. The judges talk and talk and talk and they are all torn. They have to pick a winner of Top Chef Season 11, so who do you think it will be?

The judges have finally come up with a decision and it is the closest they have ever had, but the winner of Top Chef New Orleans 2014 is Nick! Wow, I am shocked!!!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef 2014 tonight? Did the judges pick the right winner?

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