We all know that New Orleans is known for it’s jazz music, so it only makes sense that Top Chef 2013 Season 11 has an episode featuring that music for one of it challenges on Top Chef New Orleans 2013! Tonight the cheftestants on Top Chef Season 11 will make food for Kermit Ruffins and his musician friends. Can they step up to the task or will their tune fall flat? Watch it with us tonight to find out during our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Top Chef 2013 tonight!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef Season 11, the chefs headed out of the Top Chef Kitchen and went to a farm for this week’s challenges. John Besh was the special guest judge and he put the chefs to the test of creating dishes using fresh produce and cream cheese. They drew knives for what type of dish they would be creating. It was a tough challenge, as chefs struggled with the dish they drew, as some of them are not familiar with making desserts and it showed in their dishes. In the end, Nina won the challenge and won $10,000 and Bene was eliminated and headed to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to compete against Janine Booth.

Watch it all go down with us tonight in our Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap or find out who got eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…the next day comes and Nick has come down with a fever, so the doctors come in and he has strep throat! He will not be able to compete for at least 24 hours! If he can’t compete in the Elimination Challenge, then he will have to forfeit!

Quickfire Challenge: the chefs head to the kitchen and meet Padma Lakshmi with guest judge Kermit Ruffins. The chefs will all start at a station and Kermit will play music. When he stops, the chefs will move to another station. This will continue for 30 minutes and the winning chef will get immunity!

Each station has it;s own theme, but the chefs start and it doesn’t mean they will finish there. The third stop leads the chefs back to their original station, so they have to see what the second chef did to the dish. They switch one more time and the time runs out!

The judges go around and taste all the dishes. Justin is not happy to end up on the microwave station and does his best with what he was left with. The least favorites dishes come from Justin and Louis. The favorite dishes comes from Carlos, Brian and Patty. The winner of the challenge is Brian, even though he probably did the least of the dish. Sara started the dish and is pissed he gets the immunity!

Elimination Challenge: the chefs will band together to create a cohesive potluck dinner for Kermit and his musicians. They will work in teams and get to pick their own team tonight. Travis, Brian and Patty are a team and are hoping Nick gets cleared to cook, or they will be working extra with only three chefs.

The chefs head out and start working on their menus. The chefs call Nick and he is doing better, so they work with him over the phone when they go shopping. The chefs get the shopping done and head back home, where Nick’s team meets and discusses things. Then all the chefs but Nick head out to the club and listen to Kermit perform live music!

The next day arrives on Top Chef 2013 and Nick gets clearance from the doctor to participate in the challenge, but he needs to stay hydrated. The chefs head to the kitchen and time to prepare their dishes for the potluck. Nick feels bad for not being there for his team yesterday, so I guess he is going to take on most of the duties for the dishes today! He is doing like everything, but Brian is okay with it because he has immunity.

The chefs finish up in the kitchen and get everything packed up and head out to the potluck, where they have 30 minutes to finish all the dishes. The judges arrive and the time is running out.

Blue Team (Louis, Sara, Shirley and Justin) are first. Gail liked the grits and there is a lot of butter in them. They liked the grilled pickled vegetables and the beef was really good. Seems to be positives on all the dishes for them.

Gray Team (Brian, Patty, Travis and Nick) are next. They liked the chicken and lots of flavor in the batter. The fish is dry and overcooked. They thought whatever they rubbed on the ribs was burnt. They wanted nicer cuts on the watermelon.

Green Team (Carrie, Carlos, Stephanie and Nina) are last. The artichokes are nicely cooked. The sausage has good flavors. Kermit thought the potluck was different than a New Orleans potluck and not as heavy. The dessert was good.

The chefs are back in the holding room and get to watch the judges speak on the dishes. Padma said they did really good today. Tom Colicchio said everything was seasoned very well. The artichokes from Stephanie were praised, as was Nina. The tomato and watermelon salad was bland for the Gray Team and the fish was dry. Padma comes back and they would like to see the Gray Team, which is weird. The winning team normally goes first!

Judges’ Table: The Gray Team is the least favorite team of the night. They loved the fried chicken, but they had inconsistencies with the fish and how it was cooked. A lot of spice on the ribs, even though they were cooked properly. Patty forgot the chile peppers on her dish, which Tom noticed.

The judges then ask to see the Green Team, which served the best dishes of the day! They loved the artichokes. They did not like the tiramisu, but Nina nailed her dish again. The winning dish comes from Stephanie!

The judges discuss the Gray Team one more time and it seems like Brian is safe, even without his immunity. Travis had bad ribs, but I think he is safe. It is between Nick and Patty. Nick took on too much and Patty screwed up her salad, so I think the judges will send home Patty. What do you think?

The chefs are back in front of the judges on Top Chef Season 11. Brian is safe. Patty has been eliminated tonight on Top Chef New Orleans 2013! She has been in the bottom a few times at the beginning, but then got better. She now heads to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen, where she will take on Janine Booth, who has beat out all the guys so far!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef 2013 tonight?

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