The cheftestants on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 will be treated with the guest judge tonight of New Orleans super-chef John Besh, who will be in attendance to help they get through the Quickfire Challenge and the Elimination Challenge on Top Chef New Orleans 2013! It will be all about farming tonight on Top Chef Season 11, which I think might be quite a struggle for some of these chefs this season! Come watch with us tonight during our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Top Chef 2013 tonight!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef New Orleans 2013, the chefs worked with actress Lea Michele in catering her Halloween party! They worked in pairs and were responsible for two dishes with specific instructions from Lea on what she did and did not like. One thing she liked: cheese and lots of it! Michael is from New Orleans and made a dish that did not impress the judges, so they sent him home, which was not a long drive for him!

Tonight the chefs head out to a farm with John Besh, where they will be put to the task of creating dishes with a local favorite: creole tomatoes! They will continue the farm life during the Elimination Challenge, which consists of trying to impress some upper-tiered chefs in John Besh’s restaurant empire! Watch it with us in our Live Recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap or find out who got eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Sara thinks she has such a shitty attitude lately and needs to change it and now. She said she would rather go home having fun what she is doing then go home and apologizing.

Padma Lakshmi comes into the house and surprises the chefs with John Besh and tells them to pack an overnight bag! They all get into their cars and head out and it is to a farm, which grows fresh ingredients that are delivered to restaurants all over New Orleans.

Ouickfire Challenge: they will have 20 minutes to create a dish highlighting the creole tomato. 20 minutes??? That is insane! The winner gets immunity for the next Elimination Challenge.

Stephanie eats tomatoes every day and can’t come up with a dish. Travis is making a salad and not really highlighting the tomato, so he is hoping he makes a great dish and they accept that. Bene has made two tomato dishes the past couple challenges and they have both failed, so he is hoping to redeem himself with this challenge. Nina is making a cold soup and it must be very cold, so she has a bowl full of ice and is hoping it chills in time.

The time runs out and the judges go around to taste the dishes on Top Chef 2013. Nina did get her soup cold. Bene seems to have redeemed himself and Stephanie feels that she is on a blind date that didn’t go well. The juices are great for Louis. Padma says that Patty’s dish looks better than it tastes!

Favorite Dishes: Nina, Carlos and Louis. The winner of the Quickfire Challenge is Nina and she wins immunity for tonight!

Elimination Challenge: the chefs will be cooking in John’s restaurant the next day for him and all of his executive chefs. They will create a farm fresh dish using cream cheese. The only dairy available for them will be cream, eggs and cream cheese. They each will be cooking one dish family style. Nina picks appetizers, but the other chefs draw knives for what style dish they will be creating. The winner of this challenge wins $10,000.

The chefs are staying at the farm for the night, so they get to relax and enjoy a night together. They swim in the pool and drink some drinks and enjoy the sunset. Nina, Bene and Travis have formed a clique and are dubbed the Gossip Girls, but Nina said Bene is her best friend and they are happy people, so it creates happy dishes.

The next day arrives on Top Chef Season 11 and they head out to start cooking. They get in the pantry and they have very limited ingredients and what is in season at that time. They have 90 minutes to create their dish. Sara is sick of riding the middle and knows she is better than that. Louis doesn’t know desserts really well, so he is struggling with his dish for tonight. Bene did not see the ingredients he was hoping for, so he does not know what route to go.

John Besh comes in and sees what the chefs are working on. Travis said his mom has a huge crush on John, so if he doesn’t do well than she may kill him. John said he has a whole room of chefs and they are hungry!

Sara did not give enough time to stuff the lamb, so she is running low on time. She said she needs to stay positive and she can make it work! The judges and chefs arrive for their dishes. The time is running out and Travis is worried about his dish. Sara knows she didn’t nail it, but doesn’t think it is disgusting!

Time for the judges to taste the dishes and we have apps first from Patty, Brian, Carlos, Nina and Sara. They thought Carlos’ dish was very complex. They wanted more sauce from Patty. The flavors from Nina were great. Brian’s oyster was too salty. Sara’s dish was Tom Colicchio’s least favorite.

Time for the entrees and we have Bene, Carrie, Justin and Travis. Carrie’s dish was gutsy, but it was loopy and soupy. Bene had some odd combinations. They thought Travis stood out, but the cook of the lamb was not good. For Justin, he had the most focus and flavor, but they couldn’t find the cream cheese.

Time for the desserts on Top Chef 2013 and we have Nick, Louis, Stephanie and Shirley. They thought something happened with Stephanie and she just presented what she had. They loved Nick’s dish and lots of flavors there and it surprised them. The custard looks overdone for Shirley and it needed a touch of sweetness. The graham cracker bar was soggy from Louis.

The chefs are in the holding room and time to watch the judges talk about their dishes! Padma said she was surprised they didn’t do better with all the lush produce. Nick’s dish seems to be the dish that stood out. Nina had immunity, but made a great dish. Justin had the best entree. Travis needed to cook his dish better and how he cut the vegetables. The lamb was raw from Sara.

Padma comes in and the judges want to see Nina, Nick and Justin, so no big shocker there!

Judges’ Table: These three chefs had the best dishes of the night. The winner of this challenge is Nina! She wins $10,000 and has been on the top for four challenges this season!

The chefs comes back and the judges want to see Bene, Travis and Sara.These three chefs had the worst dishes of the night. The lamb was not cooked properly from Sara. The vegetables were not cooked properly by Bene and Tom said he was trying to do too much. The vegetables were like mush for Travis. The judges said they weren’t being inspired by what was in front of them.

The chefs are back in front of the judges and the losing chef tonight is Bene! I thought it would have been Sara, but Tom said his dish was the worst. He now heads off to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen. Speaking of which, he is headed there to take on Janine Booth, who won again against Michael last week!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 tonight?

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