The chefs will be celebrating New Orleans again tonight on Top Chef 2013 Season 11, but this time by celebrating Vietnamese food! The cheftestants on Top Chef Season 11 will be put to the test of creating menus featuring Vietnamese food, which has a strong presence in New Orleans. This could be a struggle for some of the chefs, but isn’t every challenge that way? Follow along with us during our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap and find out who went home on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 tonight!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef New Orleans 2013, the chefs were put to a huge test: eat a meal at Commander’s Palace and then recreate the dishes from just eating them! They had to match the taste and the presentation, which had a lot of the chefs confused. They could get one or the other, but many of them struggled to get both of them. In the end, Bret tried to be the nice chef and let others cook their meat before him and he was left with little grill time and meat that was not cooked properly! This led to the judges sending him home on Top Chef 2013!

Tonight the chefs take on Vietnamese food with judges Emeril Lagasse and Eddie Huang being the tough judges on this challenge. Watch it with us in our live recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap or find out who got eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go….so, we start with Nick getting to talk to his wife on the phone. He said he has never been away from his family this long, so will he be joining them soon???

In walks Emeril Lagasse and with him is guest judges this week Eddie Huang. There will not be a Quickfire Challenge tonight on Top Chef Season 11. Instead, for the Elimination Challenge the chefs will be broken up into groups of five. They will be creating a Vietnamese-inspired meal and one of the dishes must highlight shrimp.

Travis knows a ton about Vietnamese food and that is his forte, so he is excited for this challenge. They get broken up into their teams and then head out for a crash course in Vietnam. Michael is trying to kiss some butt with Emeril since he knows the locations. Nina thinks Michael is faker than Pamela Anderson’s boobs.

In between stops, the teams are on the bus and working on their menus. The second stop is a seafood dock and Shirley decides to ask some of the ladies at the dock for recipes, since they need to do a shrimp dish. A smart move on Top Chef 2013?

Travis comes up with a tomato-based sauce for one of their dishes, which Janine is questioning for a Vietnamese dish. Carlos has no idea about this type of food, so he is feeling very vulnerable right now.

The teams go and eat some Vietnamese food and Shirley is trying to shove all the food down Patty’s mouth so she can taste them and figure out what to do for their menu. Sara knows about Vietnamese food, but Travis is taking over for their team and she is letting him, but if he screws up it is on him!

The teams head to Hong Kong Market and have 30 minutes to shop and a $200 budget. The teams are shopping and Sara is not happy with what Travis is doing and she steps up, even if she has to be a bitch!

Time to get cooking on Top Chef New Orleans 2013! For the Orange Team, Michael is not even creating a dish! He is supporting everyone. Travis can’t find the lemongrass for the Green Team and is freaking out! It appears that Sara put it back at the market, but why? Justin has a ton extra on the Orange Team, but he is waiting for them to ask for it!

Emeril and Eddie come in to check out the food and are having a good time. Travis is not liking their comments about the lemongrass, but what is he expecting???

Janine is making shrimp for the Green Team, but she fried it and then put it in sauce. Justin said that it will be soggy by the time they get to the table and judges, so the Green Team is supposed to be so strong with Travis and Sara, but they might fall flat on their faces!

The time runs out and time to serve on Top Chef 2013 Season 11. Up first is the Orange Team and the judges loved the balance and texture of the filling. They said the spring roll is dead-on. The soup needs acid. The pepper squid is not seasoned at all. Tom Colicchio loves Vietnamese food and after this first team he wants to go out and eat some because this doesn’t do it for him.

For the Red Team, they said there was some mellow spice in the one dish. The soup is really flavorful. The tartare is flavored well, but the texture is bad. The presentation is not good one of the dishes.

For the Green Team, the judges said there is no balance in the sauce from Travis. Gail Simmons said the sausage had great flavor. Tom hated the texture of what was inside the spring roll. Padma Lakshmi said the rice is atrocious. The dessert was the best one for them, which is sad to say. The shrimp dish was a fail with the fried shrimp and tomato sauce.

Time for the judges to discuss the dish and it seems like the Red Team nailed it. The soup from Carlos was too sweet from them. They were disappointed in the Green Team. The rice was like baby food. Travis is willing to stand behind every dish they did on Top Chef 2013.

Judges’ Table Time: Padma asks to see the Red Team, but of course. Shirley was worried about being eliminated on this challenge, seeming she is from Asia. Well, she was not eliminated and was named the winner of this challenge.

They come back in and the judges now want to see the Green Team, but of course. Sara breaks down in tears and said that this is the cuisine they love and it sucks they are here. It looks like the judges are going after Travis big time, but those shrimp can be the downfall of Janine! The rice was terrible and Sara took the downfall for that. Tom said they all made mistakes here, but it all comes down to one of them.

The judges discuss the Green Team some more and it seems like they could all go home. They all screwed up and who knows what direction they are going to go. What do you think?

The chefs are back in front of the judges and the chef eliminated tonight on Top Chef Season 11 is Janine! Travis may have come up with the ideas, but she screwed up the shrimp big time and she was eliminated. However, she is heading to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to fight for a spot in the finale.

What do you think of the results on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 tonight?

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