The cheftestants are back on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 and we have them replicating dishes from Commander’s Palace menu, which should be some added pressure on for the remaining chefs on Top Chef New Orleans 2013. Besides the new challenges tonight on Top Chef Season 11, we also get to see the winner of the first battle in Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen. The eliminated chefs will fight it out to earn a spot back in the kitchen and the first results will be given tonight! Come watch with us during our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Top Chef 2013 tonight with us!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef Season 11, the chefs were giving back, as they created and ran food trucks that were used to provide lunches to the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity. Despite Hurricane Katrina taking place years ago, they are still trying to rebuild New Orleans and these volunteers play a huge part in it. Despite being in the bottom for every challenge so far on Top Chef New Orleans 2013, Patty was saved again and instead Jason was sent to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen!

Besides seeing the results in Last Chance Kitchen, we get to see the chefs take on a Quickfire Challenge of creating dishes using items from the worst “Food Trends” list. Follow along with our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap or find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…a new day has arrived and we see Louis talking on the phone with his son. So, showing more of one chef means that chef is eliminated tonight?

Quickfire Challenge: the chefs meet Padma Lakshmi, Emeril Lagasse and Dana Cowin in the Top Chef Kitchen and they will creating a dish with Food Trends that Dana Cowin just hates and thinks need to go. They each pull a knife to find out their food trend. Padma then informs everyone that it is an Elimination Quickfire Challenge! One chef will win immunity and one chef will be eliminated on Top Chef Season 11!

They only have 30 minutes for this challenge and the chefs are all working their butts off. Kale is one of those options and Dana said not to make it into a Kale Salad or Kale Chips, which are popular ways to eat it. Bret has kale and is going to include it in a salad, but not as the whole dish. Five minutes left and Janine has pork that might not completely cook through. Aaron thinks his dish is too salty when he tastes it.

The time runs out and the judges go around and taste all the dishes and these food trends that Dana wants to see go away! Patty actually gets a good critique, so she might not be in the bottom this challenge! Aaron’s is too salty and Bret gets called out for making a kale salad!

The favorite dishes: Nina, Shirley and Stephanie. The winning dish comes from Shirley, so she has won immunity for tonight on Top Chef 2013 Season 11!

The least favorite dishes: Bret (made a salad), Aaron (too salty) and Louis (barely taste the smokiness of the trout). The least favorite dish comes from Aaron and he has been eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 tonight!

Elimination Challenge: the chefs will be working at Commander’s Palace. Tonight the chefs will be eating at Commander’s Palace and they have to take it all in, but won’t find out what their challenge is until tonight!

The chefs are trying to enjoy their dinner at Commander’s Palace, but they all are wanting to know what the challenge is. They then find out they will be trying to recreate the dishes they eat tonight. They will have to recreate the dishes and will be judges on taste and presentation. How hard is that going to be???

Shirley is feeling at ease with this challenge because this is what she does. Carrie said she has a hard enough time to recreate the same dish she has created over and over again, so this is going to be tough for her. The chefs will be cooking it tomorrow and the chefs at Commander’s Palace will be cooking it side-by-side to them, so the judges can compare!

The chefs are divided into teams and will be working together to recreate each of the dishes. The Executive Sous Chef will be making the dishes with them, so the pressure it on to match him! Everyone is taking the grill space, so Bret decided to wait and cook them up later and then plate it right away, which he even admitted was a risk! Nina started plating the wrong plates and she was using Michael’s plates, which he starts throwing her food off and on the table!

Time to start judges and the first dish: Michael hit it on, Travis failed, Nina did good, but failed with the presentation. The judges wanted to combine an aspect of each of the dishes and combine them to make a complete dish.

Second Course: they said everything is under-seasoned. Janine may have had the best dish. Nicholas has too much sauce and very bland. Louis’ looks good, but it is dry. Carlos missed seasoning and too burnt on the top.

Third course and Bret did not get the proper cook on his meat: Brian has raw brussels sprouts. Patty has great presentation. Shirley’s is overcooked. Bret has great sauce, but no sear on the meat! Now it looks like Tom Colicchio and Hugh Acheson talk about going back there and showing these chefs how to do it on Top Chef 2013 Season 11!

Dessert Course: Stephanie said it is the worst thing she ever made and Justin is getting killed by the time. The judges said Sara’s is really greasy. Carrie did great on biscuit. Justin’s seems to be perfect. Stephanie did great on cocktail and Hugh said her biscuit is better than the Commander’s!

The chefs are back in the stew room and they are waiting for the TV to pop on and see what the judges have to say. Tom said the best dishes seemed to be the desserts and Justin is getting major props. The shrimp dishes were more on the acid side. Bret had no grill marks on his meat and it was sloppy. Carlos had blackened fish and under-seasoned. The judges said they were expecting more.

Judges’ Table on Top Chef 2013 Season 11: Padma comes in and they want to see Justin Stephanie and Nina! She said they came the closest to the Commander’s Palace dishes! Emeril said they did justice with these dishes.The winner of this challenge is Justin!

They head back and the judges want to see Louis, Carlos and Bret, which is no big shocker there! None of there dishes measured up and Tim said all their dishes were under-seasoned. Louis said he made the spice for everyone, which the judges say explain why everything was under-seasoned. Louis said he never even tasted his dish before sending it out!

The judges discuss the three chefs and it looks like it could be Bret or Louis going home. What do you think? The chefs are back in front of the judges and the chef that has been eliminated tonight on Top Chef New Orleans 2013 is Bret!

What do you think of the judges’ decision tonight on Top Chef Season 11?

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