The cheftestants are back on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 and we have our first Quickfire Challenge of the season, as the Season 11 premiere did not feature one! Tonight on Top Chef Season 11, it is all about helping, as the chefs work in food trucks to provide food for the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity that are rebuilding New Orleans after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. Good will spread all around tonight on Top Chef New Orleans! Watch it go down with us during our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Top Chef 2013 tonight with us!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef New Orleans 2013, the cheftestants made their way to New Orleans and while they were trying to celebrate being in New Orleans and meeting all the other chefs, in walk Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio and it was time for the first Elimination Challenge. They would be cooking one of the local delicacies (alligator, frog or turtle) for a group in a swamp! Ramon was the first eliminated chef, but he heads to Last Chance Kitchen to fight his way back into the kitchen!

For tonight, the chefs will have their first Quickfire Challenge, which will have the chefs working overnight to create the perfect dish for chef Leah Chase. Then the chefs will be creating and operating food trucks for the Habitat for Humanity volunteers. Another chef will be eliminated tonight, so watch with us in our live recap that follow!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap or find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


It is immediately after the first elimination of the season last week and in walks Padma Lakshmi and it is time for their first Quickfire Challenge. They will be cooking gumbo! They have to make a gumbo that is inspired by their heritage. Gumbo takes time to cook and is usually the better day, so they will start tonight at the house and finish the next day. They will be cooking for legendary chef Leah Chase. The winner will get immunity in the next Elimination Challenge!

Aaron has never made gumbo before, so he is hoping for the best on this one. There are 18 chefs trying to cook at the house, so it is mass chaos! Carrie is going to make a gumbo inspired by Iowa and Thailand! Aaron is going to do an Asian-inspired gumbo because that is what he cooks. Jason is making a Polish-inspired gumbo.Justin is a New Orleans chef, so he is making a traditional gumbo and is worried. Michael hates his gumbo, so he throws it out at at 1:30 am he starts on a new one!

The next morning arrives and the chefs head to the kitchen and have 15 minutes until service. Bret has been a stay-at-home husband because his restaurant got closed down, so he has not cooked in a professional restaurant in a while and he is feeling out of place right now. The time runs out and time for some tasting by Leah and Padma!

The cheftestants are presenting their gumbos and it seems like they are enjoying them. There are no real complaints and they are all looking so delicious and I am so hungry! Sara sends up something that does not look like gumbo.

The least favorite dishes: Jason and his beets were bad, Michael should have stuck with his original idea and she didn’t understand what Patty was doing. Her favorites were Carrie, Aaron and Shirley. The winner of the Quickfire Challenge is Carrie and she wins immunity tonight on Top Chef 2013!

Elimination Challenge: the chefs will be working in teams and running a food truck. They will create a lunch for the volunteers at Habitat for Humanity. Padma divides them into four teams and they run out to their trucks and start working on their menus. The Yellow Team is working on a taco truck. The Blue Team is the Surf Truck and doing refreshing seafood. The Green Team is doing a Mediterranean theme and banking on Louis and his smile for bringing in the customers. The Red Team seems to be doing a mixture of things, but has some big names and probably will not work well together.

The teams head out to do some shopping and Carrie will be making dough in a food truck, which she thinks is a huge risk! The chefs have a night off, so Michael throws a crawfish crawl for all the chefs on Top Chef Season 11!

The next day arrives and time for the chefs to head to their food trucks on Top Chef New Orleans. They are getting to their work sites and starting to prepare their lunches. Bene is acting like a sous chef for the Red Team and picking up everyone’s slack and he is hating it! Jason is on the Blue Team and is trying to get all his salmon rolls rolled and then interact with the diners, since they are a Surf Truck.

It’s so cool to see these volunteers and hear their stories. The time is running out and the judges are arriving and the food trucks are open for service! For the Yellow Team, they thought it was refreshing and cold. The empanadas were done great, so the dough on the truck worked for Carrie.

For the Blue Team, the salmon rolls are starting to soften up. The judges commented on the softness of the rolls. The slider was not easy to eat. For the Red Team, the diners seemed to love all of the food and wanted more. For the Green Team, they thought it was light. The tuna needed salt, but then had a lot of flavor. The serving is all done and all the teams are feeling confident with what they served.

The judges are discussing the dishes/teams and they seemed to love the Green and Yellow Teams. They thought they had weird combinations on the Red and Blue Team. Padma comes in and the Yellow Team has won this challenge!

Now time for the Judges’ Table on Top Chef 2013 Season 11: the Yellow Team is there and they were impressed that the dough was made on the truck. Tom Colicchio said he just wanted more. The winner of this challenge was the empanada from Carrie, so she wins the challenge with immunity!

The chefs come back and the judges want to see the Blue Team! Bret thought they were doing good since the other trucks were running out of food and they still had some left, but that makes no sense. The other trucks had diners wanting more and more and not on there. Jason had the soft rolls and Patty had a simple slider and nothing special!

The judges discuss the chefs, but who do you think is going home tonight on Top Chef Season 11? It seems between the tomato on the sandwich for Patty and the softness of the rolls for Jason. The chef eliminated tonight on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 is Jason! He thought he would be Top 5, so he was way off on that one, huh? He can come back, as he is headed to Last Chance Kitchen.

What do you think of the results tonight on Top Chef New Orleans 2013?

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