The chefs are back on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 and while they may be on the show and away from home, they will get a chance to feel like they are back at home with tonight’s challenge on Top Chef New Orleans 2013! The chefs will have to make meals that remind them of home. It won’t take much for Justin, since he is right at home in New Orleans. You would assume this would be an easy challenge, since it is probably going to be a dish the chefs have made before, right? Doubtful, so follow along with our Top Chef 2013 Season 11 Live Recap below and see who was eliminated on Top Chef 2013 tonight with us!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last week on Top Chef 2013 New Orleansthe chefs participated in a fan favorite challenge: Restaurant Wars. The chefs split into teams and had 24 hours to create a pop-up restaurant. This always brings major drama between the chefs, as they try to work together and put their egos aside. As it turned out, there was major drama on one of the teams and everyone was out of whack. It all started with the Front of the House and Sara let things fall apart, which led to her elimination!

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Here we go…the chefs head out to meet Padma Lakshmi, who is with Hubert Keller for the Quickfire Challenge. The chefs will have 30 minutes to create a dish featuring coffee! The winner not only wins immunity, but also $10,000! To me, a coffee dish would go better as a dessert, but who am I? Stephanie has no idea what she is doing and she says Quickfires are the worst for her. She never knows what to make and always makes a bad decision. Brian is trying a risotto, which has always been a terrible thing for any chef on this show. Carrie is making crepes, but runs out of time to make the crepes and will have to simplify her dish.

The time runs out and the judges on Top Chef 2013 go around and taste the dishes. They tell Nick there is a lot of coffee in there. They tell Brian it is a lot to make risotto in 30 minutes. The bottom dishes were from Brian (didn’t taste the coffee flavor) and Nick (the paste had a bad texture). Best dishes: Shirley (great pairing), Carrie (the dish spoke coffee) and Stephanie (surprising dish and the flavors went together). The winner is Shirley, so she is safe tonight and won $10,000, so she can buy that air conditioner for their house in Vegas!

Elimination Challenge: they welcome special guest judge Anthony Mackie. For this challenge, the chefs will create a dish that reminds them of home. Leah Chase will be joining them for dinner the next day with some of her family, so a culinary legend they will be cooking for!

The chefs go out shopping and get their ingredients and are back in the kitchen and Nina said this is a tough one, as these dishes hit close to home. She is making a curry dish, which I want to eat now! Carlos is making a dish that would normally take him six hours to make, so he is using the pressure cooker and hoping. Travis is making biscuits and gravy and Tom Colicchio is surprised no buttermilk in the biscuits.

The chefs on Top Chef 2013 get home from their day and get a special surprise from Emeril Lagasse, who has made them a special meal that means so much to him! The chefs hang out and are just having fun and Nick said it is times like that that they forget it is a competition.

The next day arrives and the chefs are feeling homesick and missing their families because of this challenge. They have to suck it up and head out to get the challenge started. Justin is making rice and it is an easy thing to make, but he says the simple things are what go wrong. Nick said this is the time to perform and he is doing something humble, so he is worried. Travis is doing his biscuits and he has too much butter in them and they are not working out!

The judges arrive and time is running out for the chefs and their dishes. The time runs out and first up are Carlos, Brian and Travis. For Travis, Emeril liked the flavor, but the biscuit was raw. For Carlos, they thought the pork was great and the heat was good. For Brian, they thought it was a little sweet and didn’t get the charcoal flavor normally in that dish.

Nick is getting emotional over his dish and not getting it done in time and he really wants to cook for his kids. Next up are Nick, Shirley and Stephanie. For Nick, they said the pasta is so soft it melts in your mouth and you could see he put his heart into that dish. Anthony wishes he was her daughter. For Shirley, they love the flavors and the crunchy taste. For Stephanie, she did a good job on the mussels and never had that combination with them before.

The last chefs are Justin, Carrie and Nina. For Carrie, they said it is fantastic and they can go to town on that one. For Nina, they like the crunch, but they would rather have rice than avocado. For Justin, Anthony wants more gravy on the rice and it is a little dry.

The judges are done eating and they really didn’t have bad things to say about any of them, so this is going to be tough!

The chefs are in the waiting room and time to hear what the judges have to say. They said they did a great job and the food felt it was from the heart. They have something good to say about every dish and none of the chefs feel comfortable! Padma comes in and they want to see Nick, Stephanie and Carlos.

Judges’ Table: These three chefs had the favorite dishes of the night. The judges loved every dish, but they felt one dish was unique and flavorful. The winner is Nick!

The judges would now like to see Travis, Brian and Justin. Padma said it was a difficult decision and they had to look at the dishes even more. They said Brian didn’t get all that flavor in there and that was because he didn’t have a grill. The biscuits were the downfall for Travis. They question why Justin made his dish for people from New Orleans if he wasn’t that strong with it and his dish was dry!

The judges discuss the different dishes on Top Chef 2013 and I am not sure. I think it could be Justin going home for the dry dish, but then maybe Brian also for his dish. I think Travis will be safe. Who do you think it will be?

The chefs are back in front of the judges. They all made great dishes, but the judges decide to send home Travis! Well, that one shocked me! He now heads to Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to take on Louis, who is on a little winning streak himself!

What do you think of the results on Top Chef 2013 Season 11 tonight?

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