The CBS Hunted finale is is just one week away leaving us with two last episodes of the season as four teams of Fugitives remain on the run. Tonight we’ll see how many of those pairs make the finale next week.

David hides on Hunted - CBS

We had some close calls last week for a few of the teams but everyone escaped. I’m guessing the pairs of runners won’t all get so lucky this time around, but we’re about to find out tonight.

CBS’s latest teaser clip, watch it below, shows David and Emiley are back on the road but this time the Command Center has their license plate after finding out their friend got it from the dealership where he works. Now armed with that info the Hunters have a net out looking for these two.

Remember how Thu and Sentra were caught after the Hunters detected their plate number? They’re using the same tactic and it’ll probably work for at least alerting them to the direction this team is heading. In the clip we hear Emiley explain they’ve got a lot of resources back in Alabama so they’re heading that way.

I’m also interested to see the fallout for Lee & Hilmar after their little stunt of bringing in the wife and then taunting the Hunters online with it. If that bites them in the rear then it’ll be well deserved for someone who couldn’t wait a few more days of the game.

Once last bit from CBS says the Command Center has surveillance footage on one of the teams that leads them to their last known location. I won’t be surprised if it’s Stephen and English getting caught, but Aarif and Immad had a near miss last week too and their time could be running out.

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