Hunted continues tonight on CBS with the fifth episode of the season and four teams left on the run as the Hunters close in one couple and another takes a risk to see family.

Stephen and English King on Hunted CBS

We get a sneak peek clip from tonight’s show that reveals English and Stephen are only on Day 6 (nice to get that onscreen annotation!) and already struggling to the point of considering reaching out to family. Uh oh.

The pair gets a ride to Charleston, SC in hopes of connecting with English’s sister who is on her way there at the same time. That sounds risky to me as the Hunters are likely to be keeping an eye on immediate family and that’s where we get tonight’s theme of the “$250,000 Gamble.”

Luckily, English’s sister Amber is wise to this game and says it wouldn’t be a good idea for them to meet up even with them both already heading toward Charleston. Time for Plan B for these two Fugitives.

Now for the next tease CBS is setting us up to think the Hunters may have David & Emiley cornered in the home in the woods we saw them visit last week. The clip below suggests the team is inside the house while the Hunters surround it thanks to the editing, but I don’t think they’re there.

I’ve still got my fingers crossed for Team David & Emiley making it to the finish line since they were a first episode reveal and are still in the game while there’s one more team than episodes left in the season. What do you think?

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